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posted : 2006.Sep.08 @ 6.13pm
wow. totally inspiring. thanks for the digital tour...

posted : 2006.Sep.09 @ 4.05pm
thanks simon

i am not sure the fate of the temple
when we left there were some dialogues with the Indonesian goverment
about it being left up as part of some kind of cultural exchange

the signs went all over with lucky individuals
and the earth materials were returned to the earth

posted : 2006.Sep.17 @ 10.30pm
wow. thank you so much.
this truly helps me re:experience
how photo documentary can be so important
thank you so much delvin
for helping us all to learn in this way

we are all so truly blessed to understand
the workings of this extraordinatory project

the liminal village is such a shining example
of how our world tribe visionary communities
can be of huge assitance to their environments
as we all work to build the infrastructure
for truly low impact events

so much hard work involved in this process
long hot days of sun and sweat

gratitude gratitude gratitude

gratitude gratitude



posted : 2006.Sep.18 @ 10.28am
such a potent offering. thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

love inspires

posted : 2006.Sep.18 @ 8.56pm
i feel so much to say :

thank you forever to the pod collective
for creating an interface for this kind of work
there is a continual deepening of realization
in the magical potential of such an online space
co:created with such intention

yaaaay POD (!!!)

posted : 2006.Sep.24 @ 2.42pm
deeply inspired indeed
by the deep thought and intention
shared in the permacultured grounds
mmm..these images give the viewer who was not physically present
the opportunity to really have an experience of the journey taken
and the levels reached....

I especially liked the shamanik innerplay...
with evolving template to touch into during the gathering
to see the path evolving thru the cycle ...

You are inspiring as always
and most certainly inspired
to keep such grounded and flowing
visions and actions
on your Way

thank you
Gaian interpreter
for your shared lullaby of
family on tune to Her


posted : 2006.Sep.30 @ 12.52am
wow... real estate to the max!!!

posted : 2008.Apr.19 @ 3.49am
WOW! You guys are complete nuts Shocked Rock Shocked ! I love it!!!!! Effort that equals results.
We need something like this here in Thailand. Ha-ha... something new for the locals.
Thanx for this trip!


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