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posted : 2006.May.26 @ 12.33pm
copper chris

a master craftsman and teacher
of the art of sacred leather garmentry
and ritual tools.

truly i am honoured to wear these custom works
designed, every step so intentionally
to support, bless and evolve my personal spiritual journey

this art is comfortable, beautiful and practical.


a goddess of intentional clothing design
created this beautiful skirt
truly a visionary piece of art:work

posted : 2006.Jun.19 @ 10.01pm
beautiful works as usual
and, "I love your ears"...



posted : 2006.Jun.22 @ 5.49am
haha : they're really dirty now that i'm travelling with them!

posted : 2006.Jun.22 @ 9.10am
I understand

my ears tend to get dirty when I'm travelin too.


posted : 2009.Mar.12 @ 6.10am
how does one contact this visionary artist copper chris?


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