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index « optical « Burning Man 2004 // Cosmadelic Tribal Gathering on the Playa

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 12.22am
With a full moon suspended above salty flats known as the Playa, a mysterious force brought more than thirty-five-thousand charged souls to the annual Burning of the Man, celebrating the dawn of galactic culture on earth.

Here are some reflections from a peak on the wave:

Welcome to the Deep End. Please feel free to grossly project your state of consciousness so that others may experience your wrath.

In case you're having difficulty, all drinks are free.

As are rope tows.

But watch out for wild death storms... they'll leave salty dust in every creavas of your body.

But alas, the tornadoes were only the wake of astral space ships...

...out of the thickness, they suddenly materialized.

Pods of stilted creatures with greetings of peace and love.

Watch out for this highly evolved creature, known as the great Xavi- he'll project galactic mandelas all over your threads.

As such:

And the sand people- they won't delay to share their power hugs of chi.

This light being speaks tales from far off lands.

And this shaman, tales from deep within.

He, the quality of ganja buds a thousand miles away from home.

And she, the post apocalytic madness of love.

As the spirit of Hendrix flies on.

Beneath a temple of manifest love.

Built just in time to BURN.

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 6.09am
phong, these are just awesome.

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 7.03am
the phongtography has
reached it's boiling point

rocked by the ownness
of this batch of perfection
i live long moments in each
and every rectangle
searching for all the
elements of the story
watching the playful
spirits flit by

more than images,
eternal pulses and spirals
skillfuly captured.

Deep respect

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 7.24am
WoW! Such great photos, phong! I like the elements of dust and light combined with the
stilt walkers, makes for a surreal feel.

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 8.39am
Wonderful images.

I'm still goling through my pictures and sorting through my thoughts. It was my 7th year and, like always, the lessons were different. Thanks for sharing.

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 9.36am

Way beyond thunderdome. Amazing images.

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 11.37pm
Those images are beautful. Thanks for sharing them.
My pictures are far less artistic...(I'm a different type of artist than most of the AMAZING talents here. But I'm trying.)

But I think my pics capture some of the joy and divinity that defines the playa for me.

4 sets: People / Temple / Camp / Disposable Camera

The Temple ones were taken the day I connected with Xavi. I wish we got a picture together. Two very different types of clothing designs. Smile

One part of my art that is hard to explain is a "performance costume" that involves a vibrating jock strap and "Hugulets" (the fur donuts in the costume above)

1 meg video of the Hugulets in action (WMV format)


and just another scene that makes my head feel good:

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 11.47pm
Halcyon, I love the casual intimacy of your pics... especially reguarding the camp situations.
Those pink power wrist explosions are over the top! Way! So lovely.

This is a great shot:

Here are some more classic burning moments:

posted : 2004.Sep.11 @ 4.12pm
It was my first year at Burning Man, and it was the experience of a lifetime. Everyone posting on the POD should go, it's a place made for minds and souls like yours. I had the good fortune of being in a camp of playa natives, Valerie and the Vibe Tribe, which made the experience even more enjoyable. We drove 15 hours, setup camp, then immediately went out to look around. Those few hours were visually overwhelming!

Playa view from the temple:

Anyone can ride!

Is this Podular or what? At night it glow (as does everything on the playa) and you can crawl through it:

Aaarrrgghhh, my hair's on fire:

An after picnic nap?

You will NEVAR be bored on the playa::

Randomly cool art:

The awesome temple:

Highly detailed:

And even more spectacular at night:

The temple burn:

Some other fire shots.
This flame is BIG:

Firespinning all the time:

Right before the man burns:

The man engulfed by fireworks:


posted : 2004.Sep.11 @ 4.49pm
GREAT photos.

You camped with Val!?

I have danced with the Vibe tribe many times and actually was a veteran for her first time on the playa. You camped with Taylor, too, I guess? *big smiles*

You may enjoy the photo/word digital pieces I've made from years past:

(I'm working on this year's piece currently.)

posted : 2004.Sep.11 @ 4.54pm
mind if I throw up some photos from year's past?

This was the temple in 2002:

And the amazing temple burn....look how high the flames go. It was the most profound artistic event I've ever experienced.

posted : 2004.Sep.12 @ 8.04am
WOW! this is a thread to be sent out to all the wonderers and seekers of the Burning Man Galactic Spectacle. As for me, I am sure to come back many times to enjoy this First and the Best Burning Man photo experience. As a matter of fact, I am going to be scrolling back as soon as i press transmit button. PHONG and SANDY and the rest Wink , no words - this is a great gift for all of us, podcreatures!!! Deep respect Deep respect Deep respect

posted : 2004.Sep.13 @ 11.39am
I sent out this link to many people: clients, friends, and acquaintances.
Below are some comments I received. Too funny!!

“Have you sobered up yet?”

“Ha! I see that every weekend in mission beach! Except the girls are pretty. Did you get the sand out yer arse yet?”

“Thanks! Those are awesome and have me wanting to go next year! What visual spectacle! Tell me, was the spiritual aspect as incredible?“

“Looks like a very interesting event!”

“The pictures from burning man were interesting to say the least.  Are you sure you want all your friends to know how crazy you are?”

“Thanks, but those photos confirm that I'm really glad I didn't go!”



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