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posted : 2006.May.08 @ 11.26am
Hello Fellow Podlings!

How great it is to have a free moment to post here again. As some of you may know, I've been extremely busy working away at work...For the last 3 or 4 years, I have given all of my time and energy to this place, and for years before that at different places around the country.

After all my efforts, I still feel miles from anywhere worthwhile.

There is something more to this life, and I think I know how to find it...

I am putting in my 30 day notice within the next few days. I've been spending my last few weekends working on my RV that I just purchased, and getting together all the equipment I would need to travel around backpacking.

Thats right! I finally get to dedicate my life to real progress...No 9-5, no boss', no work, just pure spiritual getaway.

We (my girlfriend and I) are treking off in the RV to drive from San Diego, to North Carolina, making many stops on the way, from the Rainbow Gathering, to the 10,000 Lakes Music Festival, to backpacking around here and there.

Once we finish treking around the US in the RV for a while, the plan is to get a ticket to india, and be on our way, with nothing but our climbing/sleeping gear.

I will post photos and news from the road as our travels progress. I wish everyone here and everywhere luck in everything they do. Hopefully your paths are putting you where you need to be.

Much love,

Scott Hedstrom

ps. thanks to everyone here that's helped me along my way. =) I wont ever forget this amazing microcosm.

posted : 2006.May.08 @ 12.17pm
A thousand podular blessings to your free-roaming flow!
That sounds perfect and I look forward to your travel:drops.

posted : 2006.May.08 @ 1.20pm
Scott~ that is so exciting! We would love to hear about your travels. The RV idea sounds fabulous.
I grew up in NC..lived there for 14 years, but haven't been back since I moved to SD with my family 12 years ago.

I have a friend who quit her long time job and took off to Southeast Asia. She's been there
for just over 4 months now, and has visited 3 countries and is on her way to the fourth country! I am always curious to know, financially, how people are able to quit their job and take off for a long period of time to travel around the world. I wish to do this, too..

posted : 2006.May.08 @ 3.19pm
Well, its not neccesarily about how much money you can save up, but how little money you can spend and be content.

Over the last 6 months or so, I've been slowly cutting down the things I depend on to be happy...Down to the point that I pretty much only eat raw organic fruits and drink plenty of water, and dont spend money on anything in preparation for living off a few thousand for a few years =)

We have a little bit of money aside for gas and such for the RV, but aside from that, the only spending we will need to do is airfare when we leave the country, and fruit that we cant find hanging over someones yard from a tree.

The RV is to kinda warm up to sleeping outside and being outside 24/7...We also have a system to sleep in the tree's rather comfortably, pretty much anywhere in the world...So theres no money going to hotels or stuff like that.

I dunno, just dont spend money on anything but food and you can wander for years on a fww thousand. ;D What else do you need?

posted : 2006.May.08 @ 4.29pm
mad love to your release brother scott...
wonderful that you should take this occasion of life
to play like a wise child amongst the energetic kosmos.

you're welcome to drive your RV up here and visit me in BC
so we can laugh blissfully together
in the summertime of cosnciousness.

posted : 2006.May.09 @ 7.38am
Ohh and what a laugh it will be! Anson, it's SO funny, just having that elevated energy around people, even without them knowing what it is, is good for them..

After you left last summer, I couldnt help but think about what I was doing...Started reading as much as I could and talking to as many of the people who you could just tell knew how to flow the energy, and tried to understand what it was...cause I felt it. The seccond you left, it left too...but over the last year, I've figured out how to get it back...well, I guess, I forgot how to push it away =) And thanks to my girlfriend, who's helped me far along my path...

Still working on myself every single day, but I can tell that I wont turn back.

So...thank you ;D

posted : 2006.Jun.07 @ 8.52am

Check it out guys! I finally finished up my blog. It's where you can read about our adventures on our trip! Not too much there just yet, but if anyone is ever interested in reading about whats been going on in my life, can check it out there! I'll be posting pics and stories once we get on the road!


posted : 2006.Jun.15 @ 9.34am
Today is my last day at work! Yay!

posted : 2006.Nov.10 @ 8.33am
go for it! May excellence find you every step of the way.
Thank you for the good words, and enjoy this free world!
I love your blog Smile


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