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index « biological « event » XARA 2006

posted : 2006.May.07 @ 9.16pm

posted : 2006.May.07 @ 10.38pm
Damn! i just sit and stare, your pictures evoke the event again, capture life, and show me just how freakin totally awesome it is to be surrounded by creative colorful people (even though i dont wear much color) anyways - major kudos aaron!

posted : 2006.May.09 @ 1.13am
sandbag your lookin rad!

Cheers Cheers Cheers

busily manifesting human beings
dissolving their boundaries to playing like children
under the sun in the primordial pattern of nature-

girl, boy,
fun, fire!

encountering the social chemistries.

one again with the effervescent bliss
and the eternal wrath -
feeling novelty
through the heartspace.

phatt event!


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