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posted : 2006.Apr.28 @ 11.08pm
silverbirch boughs low into the earth
the golden branches of pure offering
lean deep into your presence
bestowing from the centre to the centre

on behalf of star:seed intentional press silverbirch presents light science : an ever:evolving set of templates for dynamic education in the art and science of light as an evolutionary tool and the fundamental blueprint of life itself. this streaming set of incarnations includes workshops, visionary learning environments, poetics, song, shamanic healing and more : here it is presented as a 24 page booklet which teaches rei:ki levels one and two from a visionary perspective, holding ageless techniques up to a new light.

here, rei:ki is practically and lovingly taught as a form of hands:on energy healing. its immaculate power to bring balance and evolution to life forms of all kinds is beautifully communicated as a skill which is easy and natural for anyone to acquire. as a unique trait to this book, light science offers full details on self:attunement, implying that it is not necessary to approach a rei:ki master to recieve attunement and certification. self:healing becomes the wisdom path, and in every way the world of rei:ki is opened in a diverse rainbow of infinite possibility and bright potential.

the technique is passed along in context to a rapidly changing planet:time where the tools are perhaps most relevant : the light is witnessed thru an ecological perspective which honours plants as the leading teachers in an emerging age of light. effortless action is bridged with the expansive art of permaculture design, the rei:ki symbols expanded into all ritual linguistics, and far beyond. light science illuminates the original rei:ki teachings as an evolving force in the collective magic : liberating the old:skool forms into the currents of continuous change, and informing the new culture with the wisdom of the old masters.

light science : expanding the celestial toolset
exploring life stewardship and inspiring the art of being light
from silverbirch and star:seed intentional press

deepest of light : namaste

lyoness silverbirch
certified rei:ki master
light steward : visionary luminary


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