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posted : 2006.Apr.06 @ 10.09pm
silverbirch shimmers on into tha space with a droplet of curiosity ... about becky

becky, you're my favourite photographer : and maybe the most humble as well. your beautiful images have always inspired me to activate in the digital realms and adopt the photographic path myself.

i'd like to know more please :

Bouncer Bouncer Bouncer

posted : 2006.Apr.07 @ 11.54am
how and when did you start on the path of photography as a form of art, and how did that lead you to this moment?

it wasnt until i was out of highschool that i realized that my dad had his old 35mm in the closet, and i began experimenting with it during the summer. it wasnt until 2 years later, (about 3 years ago) that i took a photo class at ucla, as an art major. the critiques were rough, and i realized i didnt belong in the art department. so photography became a hobby that i enjoyed outside of my formal education.

i am often struck by your use of light, and your tender capture of small things : do you tend to see a deeper meaning behind the beauty that you bring forthe?

i do; a lot of those shots stem from the fact that i live in westwood california, where there is not much greenery. i dont like the city much and i miss the more rural area where i grew up. so when i go outside i search for small green things, which is why i love finding tiny blades of grass or a single flower. they maybe the only vegetation for a whole block, growing out of a tiny crack of cement.

why do you take photographs?

photography is very much a stress reliever. initially i was drawn to photoraphy as documentation because i have such a horrible memory. but there is something about being able to enjoy a tiny moment that ive captured forever

what's next for becky? how do you see the future of your artist's way unfolding?

currently i am a full time interior architecture student at ucla, in 6 years or so i will be licensed and i hope to go into business with two if not more friends of mine.


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