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posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 11.02am
Sahar on the Fora

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 1.21pm
the mirror looks back! awesome.

posted : 2005.Jan.29 @ 2.07pm
Melo, I just saw the image of Jega. So, that's what he looks like. I downloaded some of his stuff about three years ago. His music is very interesting!

posted : 2005.Jan.29 @ 11.52pm
jega is my hero Pulsing Love

posted : 2005.Jan.31 @ 1.46am
Nice drumming juxtapositon!

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 2.25am

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 9.04am
that's a great shot. I love the moment, perfect amount of information. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Mar.08 @ 7.28pm

posted : 2005.Mar.08 @ 8.34pm
Lots of good works, but i must say Ang's sax player is somewhere r-right at the top.
Becky:: thanx for rare clear shots of Mark

my friend RIMI









posted : 2005.Mar.09 @ 12.41pm
simply beautiful D.
Cool portraits of Marc too Surprised

posted : 2005.Mar.09 @ 9.19pm
this shot is !!!!
the best part is how the crosswalk leads my eye into the background where the people are crossing the street. there is this awesome horizontal grid that is created that seems to dictate everyones movements or something...they can only go in the direction of the lines. haaa if you know what i mean Wink

posted : 2005.Mar.10 @ 9.22am
Another shot of a fora cell by a fora cell.
Sean gets "selfish" by the fire. I believe
capturing somebody who is capturing is called meta.

posted : 2005.Mar.10 @ 2.54pm
the lighting in air's previous picture reminded me of this


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