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posted : 2006.Oct.13 @ 7.02pm
Buddha Rock Buddha
Hahahahah! Glorious.

posted : 2006.Oct.17 @ 8.27pm
Oh these people! They run, jump and do it... naked ! sometimes!!! Viva el natural!!! Very Happy

posted : 2006.Oct.19 @ 7.04pm
Lovely stuff, Fog and D.

Ol' Justin here is a good subject...

posted : 2006.Dec.03 @ 11.56am
lovely sunshine
april in the hobbit garden

posted : 2006.Dec.03 @ 1.26pm
People drop, yarrrrrrr

Brudda Marley, gaze holder.

Cloud, jungle warrior.

Christach the hairy!

Grey the observant.

Me, my self, Poxin or Josef "aka Mr loooove"

Lovely lady Lauren

Jorden, Trout Ninja!

Mysterious river elf!

Lauren & Chris, 100% trouts.

Jorden & Cloud spar during trout house pira-nin-jedi training.

posted : 2007.Jan.03 @ 2.10pm
Isabel posing during our winter photography adventure...

posted : 2007.Jan.10 @ 8.07pm
Micah in the Throne Room of the Junk Cathedral in South Austin backyard.

posted : 2007.Apr.16 @ 9.57pm
that is pretty rad.

posted : 2007.Aug.08 @ 10.56am
Marc and Rychard in the comp lab at "Inner Spark" / CSSSA

posted : 2007.Aug.08 @ 12.11pm
That rocks!
Talk about two serious badasses!

I wish those cats would get back in here an post!
For those who do not know what CSSSA is take a look.
Rychard teaches there every summer. Marc started there
as a student and has progressed to the teaching and assistant side of things.

Is that correct, Becky?

OMG, Marc you did not just bring an apple for the teacher! Awwww.

posted : 2007.Aug.08 @ 12.30pm
yes thats correct, it was fun watching them "work" yesterday... Wink

haa, the apple was for me actually Cool

posted : 2009.Jan.05 @ 9.18am

Time to revive some old threads.

Sean ponders the move of his electronic opponent.


posted : 2009.Jan.07 @ 11.09pm

i'm no master photographer, but this is a magical scene : 



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