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posted : 2005.Sep.19 @ 10.51pm

posted : 2005.Sep.19 @ 11.23pm
#5 = HAWT.

Feels so cinematic, especially with the lighting.

posted : 2005.Sep.19 @ 11.30pm
thanks TL. I'm really really trying to figure out how to use flash.
it's the most complicated thing for me...

one more

posted : 2005.Oct.03 @ 7.51am

posted : 2005.Oct.03 @ 1.40pm
Lovely ladie monika, watching me

Lifts my soul

And warms my heart

My red autum lover

He gave me little warning, all i had was a camera

Trout house lovers

"Yeah, thats right"

You can find beautiful things hiding in summer grasses

A new sense of home

We ran out of gas

A picnic in the was a good joke

She oozed "love me"

gravity shmavity!

Luthier photomagician

For a bottle of white wine, which i drank on my way to see sigur ross

posted : 2005.Oct.03 @ 5.54pm
Lots of love there, Pox.

posted : 2005.Oct.03 @ 7.01pm

posted : 2005.Oct.10 @ 1.18pm
i like that last pic, you really captured a moment.

posted : 2005.Oct.10 @ 8.47pm
My little friend Leo resting after a short hike in Costa Rica.

"El Loco" - Rickee Whoop Whoop in the jungle.

posted : 2005.Oct.10 @ 11.27pm

Sis and I:

posted : 2005.Oct.16 @ 2.57pm
Ed and his invention

greenwood kids. The kid in the red shirt gave me a white knuckle on his quad.

i gave this guy $2 bucks for a portrait. the relected light from the office tower across the road was kinda wierd

this was my first forray in taking pictures of strangers. I was happy to discover that people love haveing their picture taken.

posted : 2005.Oct.30 @ 1.35pm
sandbag, sean and veldstra, great shots....

ok first *proper* post here in a long time, too long (sorry it's such a dump).

Sandbag this is for you, see, there are people at speakers corner! admittidly these were taken in July!





05 - his quiet friend





10 - this woman was an absolute NUTJOB not a xenophobe, she just hated everyone.


12 - this is typical of the overall reaction she sparked.








posted : 2005.Oct.30 @ 9.41pm
Good shots Mark. The black guy looks like he has something really important to tell us (and he BELIEVES).

I was just thinking, if there were a short audio clip with each image, how much that would enhance the visuals.

There does seem to be more than just one crazy in the bunch!!


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