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posted : 2006.Mar.22 @ 5.12pm

Some of you may be interested in this release. More info here under "MUSIC":

posted : 2006.Mar.22 @ 5.49pm
A little self-promotion is always healthy... Idea

I am really enjoying Effloressence. The mood in the first half of the cd corresponds well to the way I have been feeling lately. Atmos-Spheres is fantastic, as is the accompanying film (who dunnit?). When my player advanced to Spectral Processer, I tilted my head, remembering fragments of aural language and got real close with the sounds - friendly, you might say. Good timing Quasga - Welcome 2006!

posted : 2006.Mar.23 @ 8.46am

it is great to see you aboard the pod
looking forward to hearing your new work




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