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posted : 2006.Mar.14 @ 7.50am
for pox, the og dew master,
and delvin, the dew frog monk from the magical elfinstone forest,
and for becky, the reigning queen of the droplets i start this glistening thread.

...and of course, all are welcome to go dew hunting and share their captures here.

posted : 2006.Mar.14 @ 10.27am
yayy this is so exciting

using a lomo effect tutorial i came across

posted : 2006.Mar.14 @ 5.33pm
Great stuff both Air and Becky....where I live there's nothing but snow...shots like these make me long for the spring. Smile

posted : 2006.Mar.18 @ 7.04pm

posted : 2006.Apr.11 @ 11.37pm
frozen dew, trapped in between two panes of glass...

posted : 2006.Apr.12 @ 7.23am

posted : 2006.Apr.21 @ 7.29am
(sorry if ive posted other versions of these before) these are newly edited however so they wont be exactly the same if i did:

posted : 2006.Apr.23 @ 4.00pm
first of the season!

posted : 2006.Apr.24 @ 9.19pm
hi fleshkandie just out of curiousity what kind of lens do you use?

posted : 2006.May.01 @ 9.55am
moved these over from another thread: they belong here:

posted : 2006.May.01 @ 8.09pm
TL, i'm using a tamron 28-75 2.8f and a canon 50 prime 1.8f

posted : 2006.May.27 @ 9.28am

posted : 2006.May.27 @ 9.51am
Shocked Deep respect


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