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index « tutorials « photoshop : Glamour Layer

posted : 2006.Feb.20 @ 9.19am
Select All - Copy All (control shift c) - Paste
Now you should have a layer that represents your entire piece.

Use Curves to adjust that layer and in so doing create a light map.

It should look something like this.

Make the layer a Screen layer.
This is what it looks like on top of all the other layers in the file.

Hit it with a Gaussian Blur filter, Radius 4 then set layer opacity
to 38. Both of these settings can be tweaked to provide varying
degrees of glam.

This whole process should take about 30 seconds.
Download Layered PSD >> 3.4 mb zip

posted : 2007.Jan.25 @ 11.38am
saweet. I no longer need go to "Glamor shots by Deb!" Now I can glam in the safety and comfort of my own home.

posted : 2007.Jan.26 @ 10.55am
Hahah, that's a pretty sweet technique dude. Wink Thanks!


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