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posted : 2006.Feb.17 @ 11.45pm

ageless one of the deep
there is no love but what you dream so wide asleep
nestled in the growing
between the nothing and the knowing
heart wide open and bloom these story songs
my body sings you all

(one heart beating)

a spider gently hangs with wholly grace
these perfect creation songs are spiral spun
with a sound so clear and true that it even tastes like you
gaia figure eight is a new born babe to coo
mother eden of all begendings
i am you.

- seed

the earth mother - a costume modeled by its maker - rebecca of mythmaker

posted : 2006.Feb.17 @ 11.48pm


newborns and elders, innocent, requiring trust
speaking us
magical entities designing these memes
playing leap frog with the soul thru the interbetween
wetter than water, hotter than flames
is to be in love with love until we can go sane

the belly full of breath, the heart waiting tight
the underside of everyworld in all of this light
just in the pause before meaning flows in
language, in deep heart to heart with us - kin.
and it's hotter than flames
and deeper than water, and wetter than diving in

serpantine so divine, is to weave the jist of this
in a paradox triple twist like a sweet celestial kiss
we learn our matrix seeded elvish to encode
truth is naked under meaning's clothes
having a relationship with love
being the nuborn world we're concieving of

and light begets light
and the word is made flesh
and the memes flicker high and hot
remembered so deeply it's meant to forget
flowing smoother to source from the outlet
than water can ever be wet

- metaphoria

posted : 2006.Feb.17 @ 11.49pm

i peer into the wild cosmik embrace of infinite worlds .:. beseech thee to the unconditional seamless dream of galaxies come unfurled, to the farthest stars, to the shining sun she teach me, to the wild embrace of the endless cosmic dance in place. this universal transdimensional flowing pulsing dreaming touch, oh streaming dragonik universe i love you *so* much.

rise to this occation, remember the codes. the dreamer awakes and the dreamed one knows. look into the mirror, i see myself in your dear face, *recognize* is the love will taste her soul mate. remember you beloved 1 is shine to you my dear son, forever one, forever one, is ageless, remembered.

is deep recognition.
we're on jade time now

gaia splendour seeded grace to grow. clicking mulch the worm's reply, we never die, tho how we try. is mother bloom cycle deep down the womb to spiral, hyper fractal weave tha language, crystal hold the source, touch the centre, harmonik codes reply and rise into the father sky. is we never die, this mother bears her children through the dark unborn, alchemically conditioned flow the gateway, blink and listen.

coming back quick up to zion we grow, is the buzzing clicking singing hymns of the birdsong that the froggies know. is the holy tree she teach me, is the finches flocking through me in a baby's coo infinity spiral figure 8 in destiny. is i dream you again, is i finally understand, fatelines in a symphony of edenic purity from the source of the truth standing tall before you, and she gives the apple cause she loves you in gratitude.

i know you.

flaming sequence of stones to scrye the lessons from the bones in the crazy god of the mountain, alex grey pour it through like a fountain. the cyclical glimmer of the galaktik quiver in the bones, as we let go and find tools, and the weapon falls clean from you. neanderthal rise and stand tall. to the dust with the lust for war, is we reaching out for more in this elvin green and we dance bright and evolving in a stream thru memory. galaktik harmony with this Earth story.

flower in diversity like a meta-productive symphony of bodies in delicate flesh mesh with a lover and watery eyes soul gaze to each other. the lineage touch every sensory level into you.

a baby's wale is to a probing snale is to a microcosmic spinning chanting source expanding merkaba like a swimming whale. grandmother of memory emerging gracefully inside of me. silverbirch liantie, spider weave this minie. telektononik embrionik total recall recapitulate. soul kin wheel of time together entwined as the story goes and the blood flows, this dna creation story comes back quick from the micro. surfaced to the beginning of time and space and long before from distant shores of galaxial realms into worm hole beyonds is interstellar dew ponds. alien dreamtime, and it just gets bigger. i keep preaching to the choir, cause it works best or so i figure.

is the elvin terence mind probe, is the hovering celestial microbe, is the open i to touch you, is the mushroom seems to like you. the visionary origins of language draw near, like the dawn of ape and the greening scapes of a newborn world to penetrate. lightning fertilize the stew. cellular epiphany goes from me, to me and you.

- vine

posted : 2006.Feb.17 @ 11.57pm

mythosophy of the indigoms
the science of the break beat.ology
watching this happen now

secret names to be spoken without language

letting go of the need to know
shimmer star:tech dream workings
unraveling into no:form

light facilitates life . life facilitates light

magnarvelous ekstasis into inbetween nookwork
liminal bounty is to shimmer shine shine
looong golden braidworks contain the rainbow keys

our lotus is gently unfolding . luscious ness

- literary luminary

posted : 2006.Feb.18 @ 12.00am

sweet sentient life landscape is to reflect
and perfect rememberance of every light to shimmer
everything is nothing now, to me that i am this
graciously giving my life to breathe you in

every touch counts.

underneath the moonbows is to sing like each star
is to be this one heart, seat of cosmos, in pure flow
enfolding inward to expand out in:to you
and then breaking apart into a million little pieces

gratitude, agelessly this

softly i am curled inside the lotus blooming here
where i nap to dream within the angel's perfect smile
gently glowing, because everyone is here now
all the love of past and future can be together


posted : 2006.Feb.18 @ 12.30am


>> context : there is an old story of mary magdalene meeting jesus in her home.
he has arrived after a long walk, his bare feet dusty and worn from the road.
mary is so blessed to have jesus grace her home, that she bathes his feet in fine perfume.


that oil i use to annoint (your) road:worn feet
was my only belonging of value - my dowry
the ocean scent of my loving tears
with the rare flavour
of fine perfume

thank god you're here.

so much is given
now i dedicate all that i am
to giving it back, and passing it forward.
you bless me
by allowing me to serve.

this is gratitude.

i love you.
and i give my life to annoint your soul.
as you have given your life to me
if this one perfect truth
you now see.

- magdalena

posted : 2006.Feb.25 @ 8.41pm
context >> i wrote this on the last magnetik skywalker for luke to go in a card. i loved it so much that i transcribed it for reference, and shifted it around over time.


is special poems for luke on his birthday.

1) so, it comes to this. and so it is, that beautiful long and soft dragon weaving star staircases spiral through the everything, all spider woven in perfect loving embraces, lift us through the whirling mists of impossible enchantment to this humble moment, where in a simple gesture of yes, we are exploded from the birth of time and space through the edgeless in between infinities of massive rediculous synchronicities of incomprehensable simplicity of this elegant complexity of a million eternal systems in perfect equilibrium giving birth to you, now. so happy birthday! (because it could have just as easily gone the other way).

and in this chill-o-cosmik thrill, of doing what we will, in this wild foray of galactik apple crunching harmony, gardenically edening in this growing spiral lotus eternal bloom of the perfect diamond web of neverending i love you, is the magic is dreaming of you. and so, in the great divine laughter of ten thousand happily ever afters, you are born, whisked to the i of this brand new inceminating lightning bolt storm of glorious, dna-beaming rainbow white epiphanies, all perfectly and ecstatically, lovingly and fantastically engaged with this one immaculate yes, of right now. (wow)

and so all shimmering light descends, so gently upon you, here. and in this exquisite dream, of wickedly inspiring, mischievous, wry-smiling, impossible riddle twisting, deep soul listening, humble invisible giggles of the nothing that we are, it just so happens, that you are a star. and the extra special ungraspable truth, which cannot be explained and thus has no proof, is that even if you were just a regular bloke, i'd love you exactly the way you are. is magic special luke scores the biggest prize cause he looks deep into those loving eyes, and in that endlessly loving everywhere place, as he gazes into that unconditional face, is his skywalking soul learns to never (and always) die. we're stoked you were born, and that's one reason why.

yes, luke, you made it. through crazy wild extra dark death machines squishing your brains, to crystal star land pagoda temple heavens in the cloudiest pantheonic scenes, you managed to hit the mark smack on the dott, and this luke, all of this, is the gift that you got. and here we are, children of all these immaculate worlds, watching ourselves being born, as every seamless strand, by some godly hand, so graciously comes unfurled. we stargaze our lives into epic beyonds, is nakedly swim refreshingly, through clicking tadpole interstellar dew ponds, and then curl up cozy for a good night's rest in the fern fronds.

posted : 2006.Feb.25 @ 10.39pm

tree:form thousand armed goddessence open true
is to ache the body's wisdom and to love and feel it through
star:sentience constellate the maps to download by design
tree of knowledge work this light direct and live in real time

don't fear if you don't get it all right now.
body drinks more knowl3dge down than mind even knows how
serpent bitten ageless wisdom dna in:coded dew
flow of venom : song of truth : the medicine is you

paradoxi:dialectik greets an ancient knew:born star
apple seeded blue:print : sweet galactik:holon:shard
taste : swallow : breathe : feel : be and love this life
become the oldest spoken word : know this perfect, ageless light

the everything that's true is what is real right now for you.

- adam

posted : 2006.Mar.26 @ 9.18pm

fluttering eyes look to the depths of time
a breath recalls how language birthed this tender flesh
the bones which beat this long and rhythmic spinal path
streaming echo of a time before the world was born

i love you my grandchildren : i give you my oldest song
held safe in a salty liquid that tastes like tears
let my body be your food, your medicine, your future and past
may this love be the power to enfold the deepest fears

no treasure but this perfect ageless love
to trace the precious curve of your heart into your veins
sacred geometric dance : embrace the spiralled way
trust the body of this life : know the vastness you contain

- savah

posted : 2006.Apr.15 @ 10.22pm

angelic flame to sound as grace : emersive wings expand
the stars teach us their hymns of light : our voice becomes the land
drinking moon:beams into life : and vanishing to space
behold : the world illuminates : we are this nectar that we taste

ten thousand faces, hands and hearts bestow this precious life
one body and one tender breath to feel and trust the light
unfold like wings to dream the codes : genetic dance of truth
behold : in love we see the world : drink this radiance that is you

a blessing of the way itself : held in perfect trusting flow
transformation holds the keys : sentience dancing all unknown
light unlocked : decoded deep : and letting go of all
behold : nothing witheld in this : the perfect flight is in the fall

- eye

posted : 2006.May.05 @ 9.35pm

life all:revealingly braids herself into light
to uncurl the portals through each origami fold
movement communicates this lineage of song
body of the world : akashic record player

goddess mother agape light of the deepest centre fold
streaming questions are all high epiphanies of real:eyes
prism source art:iculate and hold tha shimmering keys
is ecstatically intuit eternal flows inside the grass blade

oh to hear the grass

light years forever dreaming distance into instance
love:tech star walkers all scatter living mustard seeds
sportles of finest nectar spinning in stellar infinities
fear:not for:all angelic flame of love is here inside

- rainbow brite

posted : 2006.Jul.09 @ 2.23pm

dance in the sacred geometry greening
love sings the vastness of worlds within being

sticky fresh rise up to open the new
blooming in sequence : evolving the true

fear flows to ground : love knows the sound
divine eye release:ah when freedom is found

undulate world dreamer sweet figure eight
humble as earth is to kneel and create

unfolda she dream into landforms beyond
invisible children sing long forever songs

watch in the sky for tha vast untolda
bird spirit to fly and see secret beholda

oceanic worlds to cradle the endless ness
germinate genesis : become:eye to bless

we meet in the centre : and be the one heart
release in surrender : melt into the art

posted : 2006.Sep.24 @ 10.43am
knees falling to the earth in prayer
i am called into the honour of this world
by the elders of this land

in a gentle sigh
i can remember myself as that prayer
planted in the beginning of time

grandmother of mercy
guardians of the thousand corners
chalice of timeless being

thank you forever


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