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posted : 2006.Feb.17 @ 10.45pm
greetings podlings.

here's what i'm up to. i'd like to see what you're up to as well Wink


in the spirit of devotion and pure gratitude, silverbirch presents star:seed intentional productions - a rainbow of celestial toolsets, services, facilitated spaces and artistic expressions designed to activate the multifold of evolutionary potential that exists as a state of grace within all life. these medicinal offerings work through the collective body to forge light pathways - patterns and stories which serve to evolve conscious awareness and conscious action in relationship to a whole system of universal life.


three years ago, silverbirch developed the concept of star:seed to art:iculate her offerings in the context of their galactik and earthly lineages. many of her works are offered in the loving spirit of her deeply felt resonance with the pleiadian life streams who have integrated their paths through the lemurian and ancient polynesian (hawaiian) earth gateways. silverbirch embodies in many ways these streams of pleiadian information and consciousness and thus acts as a star seed.

the work of star:seed is also offered in achnowledgement of how these galactik streams have taken shape through the earth's own living fruit. the living information which flows to earth from the stars has manifested itself through the bodies of many human beings and countless other natural forms. a perfect example is the mythological tree of knowledge or tree of life, a symbol of nature's body of life and consciousness, whose offering is an apple which contains medicine in the form of a star shaped set of seeds.

so, star:seed intentional productions is the expression of medicines embodied through gaia as a synergenesis between the earth and the stars. these are lived and manifested by silverbirch whose galactik signature is a seed, sometimes in collaboration with a web:work of other close allies.


starting in the body, in theme with the medicine of the apple, silverbirch maintains star:seed hawaiian shamanic bodywork. in sessions ranging from 2-6 hours long, silverbirch combines reiki, kahi loa and lomi lomi to facilitate deep evolutionary healing. massage, joint rotation and energy work are entwined from a place of love and unconditional devotion. silverbirch was trained by wayne and shaeah. these hawaiian shamanic arts are fabled to have come directly from the pleiadies in the early phases of the earth star saga.

in theme with the tree of knowledge, silverbirch offers education in light pathways of all kinds. star seed intentional press has for years offered an ongoing series of small publications designed to educate in light pathways. light science is one of these and teaches reiki levels 1 and 2 including self attunement. star:seed offers also workshops in the art of reiki, and these have been ongoing for the past 4 years. to expand from this nucleus of light education, star:seed presents spiral lotus, an ever evolving educational website touching on such elements as visionary art, rei:ki, permaculture, deep ecology and experiential education.

in addition to these educational pathways, star:seed intentional productions presents facilitated spaces for celebration, interactivation and co:education. star seed's first event in avalon called "night vision" opened the way for a long lineage of yet manifested events and spaces within larger events which open dynamic learning environments and focus on collaborative, interactive and multisensory education in sustainable pathways of all kinds. one of these events, still in nessence, is the sunrise celebration. a focus to these events is visionary art, which star:seed also intends to directly support in a rainbow of ways through promotion, distribution, art galleries and graphic design collaborations.

star:seed intentional productions
seeding light and evolving intention
devotional offerings
soul medicine

posted : 2006.Mar.16 @ 9.43am
i feel to enrich this thread by quoting delvin's drop from the link:base:


The green samurai clan is a secret society style underground network of artists, visionaries, musicians, architects, designers, magicians, coders, dancers, djs, performers, poets, priestesses, promoters, presenters, producers and cultural creatives who are building the foundations for a sustainable planetary post-civilization.

For many years the greensamuraiclan has been involved in creating events, gatherings, rituals, parties, festivals, conferences and tribal councils. The clan is for hire as downtempo collective, dj crew, performance troupe and production team. It is also available for preproduction and postproduction consulting, website, development, community building, graphik design, altar building, event d├ęcor, article writing, relationship counseling, art creation and permaculture design.

Uniting the west coast downtempo sound design with a microfusion of imbedded polyproduction, the green samurai clan is a synergy of different styles, lineages and musical traditions. Spreading across the underground like a new form of life, the gsc downtempo sensibility melds sonic environments with chilled out mindstates bringing the goodness like a cool mountain breeze on a hot day. With two original compilations to smoke out your dojos, the new clan disk is set for release in the coming months.

the greensamuraiclan is primed and ready for a rebirth this is the time of the website relaunch
peep the new site and spread the word.

deepest of the deep

gsc outreach wing


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