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posted : 2008.Jun.02 @ 3.21pm
This little Canon PowerShot SD850IS is like Yoda, small but powerful.

Here's a detail of the same image.

posted : 2008.Jun.02 @ 4.36pm
nice ones... i love the little winged fuzzy buzzy bot...

posted : 2008.Oct.12 @ 12.31pm

Nature teaches balance.


posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 7.03pm



posted : 2009.Mar.25 @ 2.14am

The Humpback tribes are now gathering to leave Hawaii and journey back to Alaska to feast.

These shots were taken from a friends helicopter with no gyroscopic stabilizer, just me rapid firing with excitment. So excuse the blurriness, I still wanted to share them.














and just for fun




posted : 2009.May.06 @ 1.06am



















posted : 2009.Jun.04 @ 3.35pm
Hawk Face :: At Cloudview Eco-farm 

posted : 2009.Jun.07 @ 10.28am

 Spring is going off in my garden and I dug out the Canon G6 for a little macro.

I love how bees get to roll around in their soft fragrant giant sized food and make a polleny mess

of themselves.  The last is a juvenille katydid unfolding itself to the world for what looks like the first time.




posted : 2009.Jun.07 @ 12.26pm

posted : 2009.Jun.08 @ 8.17am
That is a stellar looking caterpod. Nice shot.

posted : 2009.Jun.15 @ 7.08am





posted : 2010.Feb.17 @ 5.45pm

Agape, that is one trippy flower you found there and that hawk is intense. 

Air, the insect circus you train at your home is getting to be too damn good at their show. I am beginning to think you are a mantis wearing a man suit.





posted : 2010.Feb.17 @ 7.45pm

For the Northwest Coast Tlingit tribe

"The hawk [...] is also a powerful supernatural being,

sometimes representing Thunderbird, sometimes not."


Shaman : The Wounded Healer . Joan Halifax . 1982


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