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posted : 2006.Aug.05 @ 2.20pm
Yummy!...bugs, birds and geckos.

posted : 2006.Aug.28 @ 1.38pm
Phong, that article on butterflies is fascinating.

posted : 2006.Sep.20 @ 7.30am
does anyone know what this fuzzy guy is? i'm not even sure if he's a spider.

posted : 2006.Sep.26 @ 9.46am
Becky, that spider pic is super good.

Excuse me while I try and figure out how to take pics with this new G6 thingy.
This seven mega pixel deal is cool. It allows for more cropping options.
Looks like it might be a good bug cam Very Happy

posted : 2006.Sep.26 @ 11.35am
missed loads in here, air love the web shot, nice patterns and great cycle of life shot. Dman I like the montage of gecko shots, it works very well. Cheers

posted : 2006.Sep.29 @ 7.51pm

posted : 2006.Sep.30 @ 1.12am
great colour tones there air, very succulent!

posted : 2006.Oct.07 @ 7.34am

posted : 2006.Oct.07 @ 11.48am
looks like you're getting to grips with the macro on your new cam... I like it!

posted : 2006.Oct.18 @ 8.11am
It's ok as long as there is good light.
I would like to get the macro light ring .

posted : 2006.Oct.19 @ 1.33am
How do u bloody do it, Air! Love it!!! Pulsing Love Deep respect Deep respect Deep respect to BUGMASTER! Very Happy

posted : 2006.Oct.25 @ 8.54am
Thanks, Brutha D!

posted : 2006.Oct.25 @ 9.21am
Gosh Air, #2 is so beautiful! That shadow is goooorjess!

A digital camera is on my list of things to purchase when I get the funds since I already have some decent Nikon lenses.


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