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posted : 2006.Feb.12 @ 8.05pm

dewdrops falling
drip-drip, this world
is good!

- issa


archive primer 3.0

this is an archive of information
created as support material
for the sixth incarnation of the
galactik trading card oracle complex

many of the cards have been changed and replaced
for the new edition
so the information may not be relevant to the seventh series of the GTC metaplex


for the full spread of the podular new ness
including pictures and info about the galactik oracle complex


Sojourning in Ta-yu mountains --
Who converses with the white crane that comes flying?
How many times have the mountain people
Seen the winter plum-flowers blossoming?
Spring comes and goes,
Deep in fallen flowers and streams.
People are not aware
Of the many immortals around them.

- lu tung pin



elvish nation poetik envoy
redreaming the dream

this post-civilizational metacommunication
has been collated at this time
as a channel into the elvish spaces
it is a message from the galactik denizens
as they merge with some of the planetary visionaries
from our emerging global art culture



As a microgallery of visionary art, the galactik trading card oracle complex is about building community and collectively creating the future.

celestial awareness
liberated mythology


lightship : Philourean
Philourean means lover of wisdom
future-ancient star sages
wandering thru the cosmology giving direction
to the lost and seeking

light loom :
The philourean card is connected to a dharma lineage tradition in which cosmic lore and akashik information is transmitted. It refers to technology for charting stars and navigating space travel. Bioremediation is a multidisciplinary set of techniques for using biological means to clean up toxins in the environment. This is a memory code for invoking latent teachings about our knowledge of the cosmos.

ritual action :
Pay close attention to the signs and the stars. There are many ways for you to get oriented and empowered to make life changing decisions. Look to astrology for some of your answers.

dedication : Katib
Katib, aka Sqrwol, is the celestial hyperbrarian at the elfintome archives. His radiant understanding of metalinguistiks, the heart path and Sufi wisdom traditions brings light into the weave. His influence in the deck is evidenced by its depths.’

poetik channel : Dax
Dax is the symbient lifeform on Deep Space Nine, the Star Trek spinoff. The dax symbiont lives within Trill hosts over many lifetimes. The collective experience and knowledge of all its hosts remain with it throughout its long lifespan.

visionary artist : Sijay : Red Lunar Moon
Sijay is a multimedia developer, graphic/permaculture designer, and new systems consultant living in the Elphinstone Rainforest of BC. He holds a B.A. in poetics, linguistics and cultural theory. He has been a magazine layout editor, a free lance illustrator, photographer, electronic musician, and currently runs ONBEYOND METAMEDIA, a multifaceted infosystems design company. He co-facilitates workshops around the world on intuitive utopias, applied visionary experience and harm reduction. His active interests include cultural cartography, digital art, yoga and transtemporal meme dispersal.

visionary art : : ‘Blue Star’

“galactik origins implying an expansive future.
The bluestar is the light calling from the onbeyond, the pulsation in the sky that calls us to travel and explore the furthest reaches of space. flying thru lattices and winding circuits of hyperspatial pathways we arrive countless lightyears across the galaxy. Our spaceships will be made of light, geometrical technology for long distance travel. The human future aims at time/space navigation in increasingly complex forms. cast yourself into the portal and see where you end up. remember your roots and reach for the stars.” - sijay

artist website :

deck placement :17 of portals

tarot : the star

archetype :
this card symbolizes finding ones way, it is a marker, a light house sign providing light

symbolikon :
the goddess of spiritual light, clear vision, unexpected help

chakra : solar plexus

trigram : (heaven) firmament

posted : 2006.Feb.16 @ 10.46am

lightship : Caer Sidi
A sacred place from deep Celtic Lore, the ivory tower of initiation where poets, artists, visionaries and musicians go to be initiated into the mysteries. In the tarot the tower is often being destroyed, but here it is your the self that is being destroyed as one attains mastery and emerges connected to a higher self. A place of great transformation and empowerment.

light loom :
This is a sacred viewpoint overlooking one of the blessed lands. An ancient-future landscape of completion mythology. To go to this blissful realm we must leave history behind, recraft the socio-cultural planning divisions, and co-create a civilization that is aligned with life. A harmonic, creative, sustainable and abundant experience weave where a collective inspiration draws everything into a steady, low impact evolutionary growth pattern. This is the foundation for launching a grounded space civilization. These are maps showing the ley lines, points of power and tools for light mindscaping, a metaphysical flow chart plotting the grids along the Gaia weave. The card is one of the geomantic tools for pointing out possibilities and recrafting the plans. It contains a key address to a style of education which is not based so much on information itself but on how to integrate and apply information to Work in the world. In other words, how have harmonic relationships with information. With a focus on experiential learning, long-term planning, skill development, public speaking, portfolio / resume creation, adability, open creative communication, modeling healthy behavior and intimacy building, the new grade-less, localized education system supports the collective evolution of the individual.

ritual action :
Pay attention to the landscapes around you, this is the context of your experience. Observe your nature (galactic), the nature within you (your self) and the nature around all of us (the gaian ecology of planetary life), over a long period of time. Raise plants from seed for their whole lifetime and come to observe how they communicate and how they live. This is called perceiving the nature of nature.

dedication : Sukhavati
Translated, it means place of happiness. This is the home of Amitabha, Buddha of Limitless Light, and is called the Western Paradise. Part of The Pure Land School of Buddhism that involves intentional repetition of the name and visualization of the blessed realms of Sukhavati in order to be reborn there. It is expanded upon in the form of the Sukhavati-Vyuha, a sutra on the Buddha of Eternal Life. The land is described as fragrant with many sweet-smelling odors, rich in manifold flowers and fruits, adorned with jewel trees, and frequented by flocks of various birds with melodic voices. The jewel trees radiate many hundreds of thousands of colors. The lands are composed of varying combinations of the seven precious materials: gold, silver, beryl, crystal, coral, red pearls, and emerald. The realm is surrounded by golden nets, and filled with jeweled lotus flowers from which issue a billion rays of light. At the end of each ray come billions of Buddhas. There are great rivers which flow along calmly with fragrant vitalizing waters, whose sounds play like a celestial symphony. In this place all wishes are fulfilled.

poetik channel : Suntop
Suntop is the young child of Chief Cutter of the WolfRiders, and Healer-Chieftess Leta of the Sunfolk from the ElfQuest metamythology. He is a crystal telepath and magi in training. Suntop hears a sending from other elf tribes through time and space and helps to lead the Wolfriders and Sunfolk on a legendary quest to discover their lost elvish kin, find out their true galactic origins and become empowered again as High Ones.

visionary artist : XAVI : Red Lunar Moon
'I feel Art has the power to heal. I believe healing occurs within us when we are set back to center, or back into proper alignment with our natural state. My intent is to create harmonious, colorful flowing forms and spaces that all interact with each other through a geometric language of creation formulas. These formulas are evident in cell structure, snow flakes, bubbles, honey combs, atoms, molecules, and beyond. Seeing large luminous paintings, depicting our source structural intention can help set us back into alignment. I see Art through the eyes that see the world around me. And around me, I see a world of unfathomable creation and magnitude. So, I see the creation of Art that attempts to reflect the true power and beauty of its own source. My ultimate goal is to create large scale works of art that blow open the new visionary horizons and remind people of how much beauty there is deep inside our battered hearts.' - Xavi lives in San Francisco.

visionary art : : ‘Eternity Totem’

"There is a world...
The world where my Art comes from...
A real place...
I remember it...
It is where I came from...
My home dimension...
Maybe you too can remember it...

This world is made of singing light...
feelings of infinitely expanding joy give rise to paradises beyond description...
Everything in this world is resonating with the angelic song of their own identity...
Infinite creative freedom allows me to instantly transform into anything I can imagine...
I extend my digital starfish wings, and summon the
blazing white light tsunami of ecstatic angels...
They sing soaking wet songs of trancendental victory to me,
which I absorb as organic sustainable fuel for my spiraling freefall dive
into an eternal light-speed dance of hyper-exotic creative self transformation...
I scream with super-sonic shock as I experience total immersion into
the limitless power of my own hearts creativision...

My work as an artist is to bring to this world;
pictures of our Home Dimensions,
to remind us of the infinite Love and perfection that is our true Source..."


artist website :

deck placement :16 of portals

tarot : the tower

archetype :
The tower is both the destroyer and creator. The archetype obliterates previous boundaries and limitations to empower the exploration of larger landscapes of possibility.

symbolikon :
Dissolving boundaries and structures, upheaval, restructuring, activation, destruction of old self, emerging of higher self.

chakra : sacral

trigram : (thunder) initiation

three different cards with similar details from the epic larger version that can be seen in xavi's pod gallery
this is a picture of all three cards put together

posted : 2006.Feb.16 @ 10.47am

lightship : Athanor
Athanor is the alchemical furnace in which creative ideas and theories are mixed with elemental forces in order to work magik and create new things. The furnace maintains a uniform temperature for all forms of chemistry, metallurgy, and ritual work.

light loom :
This card represents awakening galactic agents channeling the teachings, intentionally evolving our ability to generate awareness about the world and our many roles within it. Art is a medium for communicating with the mystery as well as an aspect of the mystery itself. Inner and Outer Alchemy are strategies for using art as a sacred tool to invoke the mystical qualities of reality from within to without, to resacrilize the i. The illuminated signatures are light scribed by those who have passed before, this codex contains formulas and relational diagnostics for the inner and outer workings of nature in the universe. Our experiential signatures are illumined when we evolve into a state of beingness; a deeply conscious presence. The trans-temporal galactarian lineage, as well as the healer-healed planetary lineage, is vitalized at magical locations along the historical cusp of present-future dimensional manifestation. 'nomenclature' is a community' system of names and naming, it is a living and evolving catalogue, or encylopaedic data base, containing lists and categories for all things that are known. The pantheon of light is the community of divine (incarnated immortals) and semi-divine beings (indigo children), who are being birthed in the world at this time to engage in the bodhisattvic task of spreading intelligence and awareness throughout the world.

ritual action :
This is a call to creative exploration. Try to get more comfortable with a paintbrush or photoshop. Create an art peace, be open and allow the work to crystallize around its potential. Invoke an inspiring male artist in your life to guide the process.

dedication : Psilli
Psilli is the elvish navigator-magician from the UMIC (Universal Movement In Co-inspiration). A bard teaching about the free flowing nature of magik, conscious living, intentional energetics, and the secret language of life. As a key note metapoet and songsmith in the Hunab Kru and OCP, his influence runs deeply through this Work.

poetik channel : Bao Yu
This means 'jade-stone'. As a resonant night, my touch stone is jade which I wear thru my right helix (sunpiercing). The reference is to the epic Story of the Stone in which a very special stone, that was left over from the creation of the world and placed by the Sky Goddess at the crest of Jewel Mountain, is rediscovered by Taoist vacationers from the Land Beyond Illusion and brought to the Bliss Realm, Faiery Court of Sunset Glow. Here the stone is courted by the fairies and receives a title, royal Stone in Waiting at the Faiery Court of Sunset Glow. Wandering thru the magic pools and through the fields of flowers surrounding the court he comes upon a flower so beautiful he sheds seven gentle teardrops in the soil around the flower. After 64 days of watering it with sweet Dew that was gathered at Dawn and infused with the Chi energy of Sunrise, the act itself was so beautiful the universe has no choice but to confir life upon the flower (see Queen of Crystals in the Lower Deck), and it turned into a faiery (see Queen of Crystals in the Upper Deck). For this gift of tears Bao Yu is granted a blessed lifetime of teardrops in the Land of Illusion living with all the faieries who had been incarnated into that magical life time as his relatives, lovers and friends in a very wealthy and prominent estate.

visionary artist : Luke Brown : Red Spectral Skywalker
Surfing the cultural cusp of the emerging culture, luke has his roots in the galactic expanse far beyond the terra gaian. His landing on this plane of existence is a gift of evolution given freely from the universe herself. With his beginnings in the art of tattoo, luke is branching out now to focus on paint and computer mediums for his art. By dissolving boundaries and representing the spiritual realms in a way never before seen, the spectral skywalker is a metaphysical trail blazer, recrafting both the medium and message. By evolving the visionary art movement luke is opening the Way for a sophisticated approach to creating a sustainable post-civilization. He resides on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

visionary art : : 'Baphomet'
'The process involves the digital collaging of many mediums; acrylic, enamel, watercolor, photographs. All components were individually created as self existing forms or specifically oriented towards this piece. The title is "Baphomet - Templi Ominum Hominum Pacis Abbas". Baphomet is a character that can be traced back to the ancient world - Babylon, Phonecia, Sumeria and is traditionally seen as the embodiment of the opposite of God (unity consciousness) and as the origin of the devil mythos (separation consciousness). This painting was inspired by a particular ego annihilating tryptamine encounter that brought me into a lucidly clear dialogue with this area of the collective consciousness. By visually administering healing to the aspects of myself that still held onto the belief in separation from the source of All That Is, I accessed the core blueprint of perfection at the center of my being. Through this experience, I realized that there is no 'Other', and all source of pain and anxiety were due to this separation from God source within. The form this entity beheld morphed into the complete resolution of the dualities it represented and revealed itself an angelic ally residing eternally in my heart center. Upon further research into the history of this figure I found that the reversal of his name, Baphomet - tem.O.H.P.Ab broke down into a Latin interpretation - Templi Ominum Hominum Pacis Abbas which means "the temple to the father of peace to all beings". This piece is therefore intended as a prayer to neutralize the spell that this figure continues to hold itself in the collective consciousness. As there is no separation between myself and the rest of creation, all is accessible through the universal mainframe of the One Heart.' - Luke

artist website :

deck placement :14 of portals

tarot : art

archetype :
This is the actualization of the artistic impulse, an embodyment of the inspired creative imagination. The galactik art card reminds us of the transformative potentials of art and its role in the creation of a new culture.

symbolikon :
Great Work, rainbow, combination of forces, reconciliation of opposites, moderation, economy, 'vista interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultem lapidem', unio mystica.

chakra : solar plexus

trigram : (sky) fruit

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Nemo's Utopia

posted : 2006.Feb.18 @ 4.15pm

lightship : Touch Stone
This card is a 'touch stone' or altar peace, a magikal tool using visual and linguistic forms of metaprograming to cue memories about larger level systems of which we are a part. It is a return to source, a return to the ground, and a sacred centering concept for the whole Galactik Oracle Complex.

light loom :
Symbolizing a return to the language of the heart, the card invokes the unified communication of connectedness. It refers to a movement of elvish evolutionaries who are co-creating the emerging culture and revisioning the world order, and anticipating contact with holistic forms of sentience. These sentiments direct us towards a future where we will be fully initiated into our place in the galactic civilization. We are the elvish counterparts and the body of work is both our art/music/poetry/dance as well as our literal bodies and lives in the world. The new time kin are weaving the fibres of being together in the form of art. The anticipated arrivals come with the new culture, they are the cultural creatives who are helping to 'redeem culture' by using the technology to create instead of destroying. One and for all is a play on once and for all and a symbol of the unity that connects and supports everything.

ritual action :
Affirm you connection to everything by spending some time alone meditating on your joyous connection to all things. Allow your internal dialogue to stop and practice empty silence to experience the vastness of everything to which you are connected. Try to imagine eternity.

dedication : Amitabha
Amitabha, the Buddha of boundless light who rules over the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, Sakhavati. Here all beings enjoy unbounded happiness and are freed from the cycle of birth and death so they can focus on attaining enlightenment. Anyone who recites his name with a sincere desire to be reborn in the Pure Land would indeed be reborn there.
May the merit and virtues
accrued from this work
Adorn the Buddha's Pure Land,
Repaying the four kinds
of kindness above,
and relieving the sufferings of those
in the Three Paths below.
May all those who see and hear of this effort
Bring forth the Heart of Understanding,
And live in the Teachings for the rest of this life,
Then be born together
In the Land of Ultimate Bliss!

poetik channel : Coushee
A coushee is lithe elvish cat whose intelligence, dexterity and telepathic abilities make it an ideal companion for forest dwelling elvish rangers.

visionary artist : Stevee Postman : Yellow Electric Warrior
"I believe in the sacredness of the arth and its interconnectedness to spirit," says Stevee That is what my art is about. I like to blend technology with he organic in ways that communicate these mysteries through a kind f techno-paganism. My creative process is a sort of prayer for me, an offering. His images are created by taking initial photos and mixing, layering, and transmogrifying with Photoshop wizardry. One of Stevees amazing projects is the Cosmic Tribe Tarot deck which includes a collection of his visionary art. Stevee lives in Portland, Oregon.

visionary art : : ‘Infinite Vision’
'This image is about seeing with your heart and the universal/galactic interconnectedness of all. Of metamorphosis, transformation in lunar moth wings and eternal return to the source of flaming ouroborous infinity. A memorial to the sweet spirit of Billy Jack who's life ended far too early - touching many hearts and reminding us that every moment is a precious gift.'

- Stevee Postman

artist website :

deck placement :infinity portals

tarot : universe

archetype :
This card reminds us of the
endless ness
of the infinite spaces through we we travel.
The limitless ness of the universe that
makes everything possible.

symbolikon :
Dancing radiant spiral force, essence of the question itself, crystalization of the whole system.

chakra : n/a

trigram : n/a

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posted : 2006.Feb.18 @ 4.34pm

lightship : Pancotheon
This is a polypantheon, a collection of different divine civilizations, a dynamic ecology of trans-mortal entities. It is a mythic weave that includes all mythologies into its midst, a collective expression of the galactik story. This is also a reincarnation of Pan, the greek god of woods and meadows. Pan wandered the countryside hunting and celebrating with tribes of nymphs. Sometimes his merry band startled nighttime travelers through the wood, and he became the source of the word panic, meaning undue fright. Pan also means and was a personification of Nature.

light loom :
This card heralds the spreading of transformative memes and sentient paradigms which are helping to heal our relationship to the current cultural experience of progress and development. Visionary art is a post-language communication system, transmitting information across barriers of meaning and context.

The temple is our inner world, a peaceful dimension of infinite diversity. By giving context to our everyday experiences, and showing us how to refine our approach to learning and developing skills, this energy symbolizes our potential for growth.

As we explore the relationships between the past, present and future we see the system of connections in place. This allows for a boundary dissolution, a reorganization of core relationships to liberate our approach to the future by allowing us to transcend the habitual influences of the past. The eschaton is our potential perfected future that inspires our evolutionary process by giving us goals and viewpoints to grow towards. Every moment is an ending of the past and a new beginning of the future.

ritual action :
This is a call to creative exploration. Try to get more comfortable with a paintbrush or photoshop. Create an art peace, be open and allow the work to crystallize around its potential. Invoke an inspiring male artist in your life to guide the process.

dedication : Lan Ts’ai-Ho
One of the eight Pa Hsien, Taoist immortals. A polygendered bard singing beautiful songs about the unreality of the world. Pictures of the immortals are associated with good fortune.

poetik channel : The Dungeon Master
That's right Delvin Majere is a long time dungeons and dragons DM.

visionary artist : Luke Brown : Red Spectral Skywalker
Surfing the cultural cusp of the emerging culture, luke has his roots in the galactic expanse far beyond the terra gaian. His landing on this plane of existence is a gift of evolution given freely from the universe herself. With his beginnings in the art of tattoo, luke is branching out now to focus on paint and computer mediums for his art. By dissolving boundaries and representing the spiritual realms in a way never before seen, the spectral skywalker is a metaphysical trail blazer, recrafting both the medium and message. By evolving the visionary art movement luke is opening the Way for a sophisticated approach to creating a sustainable post-civilization. He resides on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

visionary art : : 'Jesterrestrial'

artist website :

deck placement :15 of portals

tarot : Pan

archetype :
Transforming awareness. Seeing things in a new way. A journey through the ages and into the time before patriarchal history. This card is a trickster, it represents the wilds and mysteries of the spaces forgotten or yet unexplored.

symbolikon :
Divine madness, secret plans, dionysus the elder, inhibitions, looking into what is hidden, secret plans about to be executed, great strength, seeing reflections, discovering the self beyond the self, authentic self-reflections.

chakra : sacral

trigram : (thunder) storm

posted : 2006.Feb.20 @ 1.50pm

lightship : Cleansing Space
Invoking a whole genre of action, techniques and technologies involved in creating safe, sacred spaces to protect and empower the healing process in which that all our inner work is done.

light loom :
The poetics refer to the art of working with light as a medium for informing the process of reality creation. Although the card itself is the embodiment of a healing experience, its directed intention is to heal experience itself. As an extension the card is also set to help heal our relationship to experience. Observing the changes around us means understanding our place in those changes. Seeking peaceful moments, we may align ourselves with the light. The key action for this card is meditation. Using breath, silence and centered inner discipline one can achieve graceful states of awareness and activate potentials for evolutionary growth. The View is a reference to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, by integrating and applying the three jewels (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha : our Higher-Self and Selves, the Teachings or Galactik Information Lineages, and the tribal community). The View is a prismatic construct of refined spiritual awareness. This card is an altar image like a mandala to focus a meditation on. It represents the emerging visionary culture, a lightwork of new humans using art to co-craft a new way of interacting with our creative potentials. We are collecting moments of peace and vitalizing metaphors for revisioning our relationship to ourselves, each other and the planet.

ritual action :
Besides a direction towards meditation, I see this card as a call to clear and cleanse personal and living space. Examples of techniques that may be used are Sage, Reiki / Zenith, Vipassana and salted baths. this is a ritual call to establishing a clear awareness of your energetic state and environment.

dedication : Prajnaparamita
From the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Goddess Prajnaparamita is the physical embodiment of perfect wisdom. She permeates all space, time, and dimensions. Tara is one of the many the emanations of Prajnaparamita and is likewise known as the Mother of all the Buddhas.

poetik channel : Akbal 7
This is my Long Count Mayan sign. Blue Resonant ForeDawn : I channel in order to dream, inspiring intuition, I seal the input of abundance with the resonant tone of attunement, I guided by the power of vision.

visionary artist : Vibrata Chromodoris : Red Electric Skywalker
Vibrata Chromodoris is an Native of Canada and graduated from Lakehead University's Fine Arts program in Ontario in 1992. She has been living in San Francisco since 1999, exhibiting in various art venues, participating in multimedia events, and working on commission. She was a key exhibitor at Worldspirit in Oakland in 2003, a multimedia event featuring Alex Grey and Kenji Williams. Her intermedia paintings and digital work are in private collections in the US, Canada and Japan. Vibrata was given her name during a meditation in 1998. Along with the name she was shown a vision of waves of energy, undulating and expanding infinitely in all directions as a continuum. It was the triggering event for a profound change in her work, and since then she has been in perpetual dialogue with the vision through her paintings. Her images include elements of symmetry and rhythmic patterning, geometry, and the use of beguiling perceptual distortions. Adobe Illustrator is one of her primary design tools, though the majority of the work is done by hand, with an ordinary brush. Vibrata is a member of YLEM, Artists Using Science and Technology, and is a long time member of the Rhythm Society, and intentional community focused on spiritual experience through dance. She is a four-time veteran of the Burning Man Festival, held every year in Nevada, and designed and produced her own art installation there in 2003 called the Wind Oracle.

visionary art : : ‘First Breath’

artist website :

deck placement :4 of crystals

tarot : 4 of swords

archetype :
This is the meditation card representing our serene inner world. It represents peacefullness and healing, taking the time to sit still in a world of movement.

symbolikon :
Pure consciousness, healing and spiritual accomplishment, rest, and recovery.

chakra : crown

trigram : (mountain) meditation

posted : 2006.Feb.22 @ 1.57am

lightship : Light Forms
The light forms are sentient manifestations of awareness, the beings who may be called the keepers of the loom. Light forms into the 10,000 things, it is the basis for everything in our four dimensional reality.

light loom :
By refining the methods and mediums of map making, people are opening themselves up to a whole new set of unmapped spaces. The prismatic code is the mathmatikal language of light, within the relational frequency wavelengths and locations on the spectrum is a whole system of information about the galaxy, its history, its cycles, territory, ontos, and even the future. The light institute and other invisible colleges provide the connection keys between esoteric understandings and the metaphysical systems at the foundation. The card refers to the tribal connection of the kindred, which are uniting as nature familiars and vitalized keepers bringing language and art back into alignment with the plants. A vitalized alliance with magic and alchemy means a return to the sacred. Training spaces connects with the 3 of orbs, a place where such training can occur. Training the physical dimensions of space to connect up with the meta dimensions of space, means opening up the playing field. This expanded space to train in provides more possibilities for deepening our relationship to the inner workings of light. By training ourselves as well as our experience of the world, it is increasingly possible to facilitate large scale positive change in the world and beyond it.

ritual action :
This is a calling to the deep rainforest for ritual work. The Amazon basin is a most auspicious location for this personal Work but any old growth forest will do.

dedication : Amitayus
The bodhisattva form-emanation of the fire-element. He offers life extending energy and the possibility to gain rebirth on a lotus flower in one of his beautiful pure lands or western paradises. Amitayus is the Buddha of the Measureless Life. He is an alternative form of Amitabha (Buddha of Measureless Light). Amitayus main symbol is a vase of the nectar of immortality.

poetik channel : Redlance
Redlance is the peaceful plantshaper from ElfQuest. He is from the wolfrider tribe, and uses his talents to make plants grow quickly and in different directions. It is him who forged the legendary Holt by shaping a large tree to have a whole bunch of naturally formed living rooms that house the other elves. His gentle temperament make him perfect for helping take care of the tribal cubs. His powerful skills help provide food and timber for the whole tribe. Working in alignment with the plants, Redlance, is a druidic force of healing and growth.

visionary artist : Naasko : White Rhythmic Dog
Naasko is a dj, promoter, culture jammer, consultant, and project developer for In visible Productions. He holds a BA in communication and subcultural theory and spends his time traveling, community building and co-ordinating multi-media cultural events. His interests include visionary experience, emergent mythology, future studies, evolutionary eco-systems, and organic gardening.

visionary art : : ‘Enchantment of the Spirits’
"This piece was done in Brazil during a month and a half long retreat with ayahuasca in the autumn of 2001. Working on the piece became an intensely meticulous and meditative experience the more it unfolded itself, and served as a profound way to integrate the experiences I was immersed in throughout each ceremony. The deeper the creative process got the deeper the meditations, memories and reflections became, and the more I was able to re-connect with the tryptamine induced sense-perception/vibration while in 'ordinary', baseline consciousness. Inspiration for the different elements of the drawing came from dreams, visions, Shipibo textiles, and from each successive journey with the medicine. The hands were where this piece began and were revealed in a dream. In this piece, they represent Technique, healing, creativity. The red band of energy circulating within represents the creative capacity, the fire, vitality; while the outer blue band emanating from the fingers represents the energy of healing touch. The stars within indicate the connection to cosmic, star-based origins while the green fringe symbolizes the connection to the terrestrial realm of this incarnation. The 8 snakes, each a totem spirit from the otherworld with their own distinct power, called themselves into being through an indescribable process of communication with me which resulted in this piece being my offering to them and their continued presence. In the center, the primordial nature of the spiraling galaxy emerges from within as a portal into the timeless spinning void of darkness and mystery; of essential emptiness, ambiguity and the unconscious. The patterning in the background is the traditional Shipibo Indian ayahuasca line art that commonly appears on their textiles and ceramics. These intricate patterns are said to be the direct pictographic translation of the medicine songs the men sing when under the influence of the yage and act as a type of dimensional map overlaying the spirit worlds they travel amidst. Behind the layer of this indigenous design is a endless tapestry of the bizzaare and hyperorganic, recursive patterning of concentric circles which often feature within my tryptamine visions." - Naasko

artist website :

deck placement :8 of keys

tarot : 8 of wands

archetype :
This is one of the vine cards representing resacrilized relationships with the plant world. It is a potent shamanic symbol of our potential to live in harmony with the more than human world.

symbolikon :
Swiftness, empowered speech, energy of high velocity, rapid change.

chakra : sacral

trigram : (thunder) bamboo

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posted : 2006.Feb.23 @ 12.25am

lightship : Crimson Pearl Faiery
The crimson pearl fairy, Dai-Yu, was in her flower form in the GTC lower deck as the prism bodhisattva, a crystal crimson pearl flower. Now, due to the vitalizing effects of the sweet dew and after Bao-yu watered the flower each day with his love, in response to the purity and beauty of their love, the pantheon of light had no choice but to confir life upon the flower and it became the crimson pearl fairy seen here. More can be found in the formative Chinese myth: Dream of the Red Chamber.

light loom :
Integrating the language of design science into a cultural foundation for the development of a sustainable post-civilization, the art consciousness that is emerging in this fertile time begins to birth another manifestation of the evolutionary cusp. Our relationship to freedom is the defining quality of our sentient life and gives us the choice to stagnate, addict and destroy, or ton grow, evolve and create. Beyond verbal communication there is a vitalizing, open dimension in which pass the subtle energies, emotions, telepathies, overtones and harmonics that contain the implicit meanings. Through these channels flow fields of authentic information. Manna is the divine food that is sent from Heaven, it nourishes vital essences and restores flowing chi energy. The panacea is a universal remedy or cure-all, in this case it refers to the application of the creative imagination into the task of crafting new futures, using the enhanced forms of meta-communication as tools and code keys. The lineage of dharma transmissions and energy arts grows stronger as a new generation of visionaries steps forward into the global community as healers and gardeners, artists and musicians, poets and teachers, crafters and tool makers.

ritual action :
Actively engage in thoughts about how to evolve your spiritual life and connection to the sacred. Making an action plan, mapping out a project, or creating poetry/music/art would be a good way to facilitate the application of this process.

dedication : Woo d'elf
Ainsley, the Woo d'elf, a galactic agent of Dew Press and inspired elvish companion of destiny helping to shape and inform the GTC process at every turn. Tangled Thamaturgy is a mobile design strategy for the co-creation of sacred spaces.

poetik channel : Amrita
The nectar of immortality, food of the gods, it induces ecstacy and instills the pleasures of divine bliss.

visionary artist : Luke Brown : Red Spectral Skywalker
Surfing the cultural cusp of the emerging culture, luke has his roots in the galactic expanse far beyond the terra gaian. His landing on this plane of existence is a gift of evolution given freely from the universe herself. With his beginnings in the art of tattoo, luke is branching out now to focus on paint and computer mediums for his art. By dissolving boundaries and representing the spiritual realms in a way never before seen, the spectral skywalker is a metaphysical trail blazer, recrafting both the medium and message. By evolving the visionary art movement luke is opening the Way for a sophisticated approach to creating a sustainable post-civilization. He resides on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

visionary art : : ‘Trifoliata Mystica’
'A piece that reverberates back from the begending of time itself, deeply inspired by a colossal psychedelic transmutation, where all that is not, stepped aside to reveal all that is. A highest-self portrait. A realization / revelation that all angelic allegiance and support is indistinguishable from self and is accessible eternally in the here and now. Divinatory Mudra Teckhowledgey.' - Luke

artist website :

deck placement :Crystal Tennyo

tarot : Queen of Swords

archetype :
This card represents empire of celestial dew, ruled by the auspices of the Crystal Tennyo a luminous and loving matriarch.

symbolikon :
Strength, independence and will-power feminine spirit of prowess, beholding a secret wonder.

chakra : solar plexus

trigram : lake code key

posted : 2006.Feb.24 @ 9.21am

lightship : Star Gate
The star gate is a portal for traveling between worlds. A celestial passage way between different planes of existence and dimensions of being.. The gate is a guide, an energetic byway for deeply transformative movement. Stepping through is a rite of passage, and represents travel from the known into the unknown.

light loom :
Everything is connected by energy and illuminated by light, this is the sacred circle of life. Our connection to all things can be imagined as a series of chords down which all energy exchanges flow. When ever any thing happens in the web, we are directly connected to it and directed affected by it. Sentient life exists from the absolute micro perspective (the atomic and sub-atomic world) to the absolute macro (from the world soul up to galactic consciousness, and even beyond it, into the whole dimensional gridwork). It is important to generate an awareness of our relationship to all things on all levels so that we can truly live an authentic life. Like paint pigments, the mind is a medium for visionary exploration into the invisible, and for making the invisible visible. A spiritual workplace is one where the tasks being done are ritually sanctioned and experienced in the context of sacred space. A synergy of Sufi workplay dynamics merged with the Zen-Samurai esthetic of total emersion in the task at hand. In other words, this card exemplifies the art of living with Intention. Tuning the celestial instruments is important for working with harmonics on all levels. By deep coding the codes and refining the methodologies, we are better able to work with expansive technology and develop sustainable growth patterns. Creativity is key. The relationship between our bodies, minds, souls and light is the ring of being into which the key fits.

ritual action :
The star is a guide, an oracular sign directing you along the Way. By utilizing the star as a physical and metaphysical compass for charting both our location and our destination, we may better navigate along the tracks and trails of spiritual and synchronic living. It is time for you to take a journey under the stars. Travel to a place away from most people and the trappings of civilization, and spend time under the celestial firmament.

dedication : Abhirati
The realm of joy. This is the eastern paradise where the Dhyani Buddha Akshobhya lives. He will guide you towards the ultimate freedom of consciousness in which the continuous cycles of life and death are transcended. His color is blue.

poetik channel : Homnibus
The gentle wizard from the smurfs he gave the smurfs puppy (whose locket holds the power of all magik). Homnibus often plays chess with papa smurf. He created the imaginarium where you can take a visionary journey into your imagination and get a glimpse of how the world would be if you made a certain decision.

visionary artist : David Heskin : Yellow Resonant Seed
"Each brushstroke is an offering to the life-giving creative spark that is the source of all existence. Being visually inclined from early on, every experience has loaned itself towards a greater understanding of our role in the universe and how art can be a powerful means of energetic transformation in the direction of harmony and evolution. Since the spring of 2001, after 4 years of tattooing, oil painting has demanded undivided attention, thus requiring this artist to quit painting the human canvas in pursuit of complete artistic freedom." - David

visionary art : : ‘Sacred Circles’

life force from the ancient present throught to the future now
staring in the face of the moment
spiraling perfections of organometric creation
manifest in human form
from the spark at the source of being

transmuting and condensing into materialized coherence
evolving beyond our loss of Divine memory
through animal and humanimal
into holy omniscient consciousness

tension and resolution

indivi:Duality drops through the primordial tube helix
realizing its nature as interdependent holon,
a piece of the all,
and instantaneously dispersing from self to infinitely reaching unity
and on
and on
and on"

- David Heskin

artist website :

deck placement :Nine of Glyphs

tarot : Nine of Cups

archetype :
The gate of wishes. Open passage beyond the gate is auspicious. It bodes well to travel to a new location.

symbolikon :
Emotional fulfillment, true happyness in love, cosmik fertility.

chakra : etheric heart

trigram : (lake) oracle

posted : 2006.Feb.25 @ 5.00pm

lightship : Anima Mundi
Anima Mundi is the living world soul, a pure ethereal spirit present throughout all nature. The divine essence which embraces and energizes all life in the universe.

light loom :
The metapoetiks refer to the object itself, a kind vision of the hunab ku / galactik center / bioluminescent source sending out ecstatic information that is the source of life and light. It is the end (eschaton) and the beginning of all things. This card heralds the emerging galactic awareness and connection with the cosmos. Intrinsic design science is a description of the Great Alchemical Work, as implicate as it is explicate, as beautiful as it is magical. The card itself is a tool for evolving and inspiring others and opening people up to the central mysteries. It is a sacred item for the holistic elvish ritual toolkit and can be used on altars or in ceremony to invoke energies relating to the themes of quickening evolutionary transformation. Beyond the present struggle flows a transition into a Great Time of Conjunction and peace.

ritual action :
Actively engage in learning more about metaphysics, sacred geometry alchemy and chaos math. Good places to touch on are the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, Tarot, I Ching, Kabala, Chakras, Tree of Life, Platonic Solids, Morphogenetic field theory, and Superstring Theory. Try creating art, poetry or a peace of writing that explores connections between different systems.

dedication : Han Shan
Han Shan is Cold Mountain (Cold Cliff, Cold Peak or Kanzan). Leaving the World of Red dust behind, Han Shan quit his job and left his family to travel to the rugged Tien Tai mountains or Heavenly Terrace. He was a shamanic, Taoist-Chan recluse poet-sage of Tang Dynasty China along with Shih-te (Jittoku or Pick up) and Feng-kan or Big Stick. As a Zen lunatic and hobo-saint he wore old patched robes, wooden sandles and a birch bark hat. His hair was wild, as on occasion he would transform himself into a tiger. As a well known mountain ascetic mystic, Han Shan used secret Taoist herbs and unusual exercises to master the 10,000 transformations. He wrote his poetry on bamboo, wood, stone and cliffs. Han Shan is a reincarnation of Manjusri, Bodhisattva of Wisdom. Shih-te (Jittoku : Pick Up is the reincarnation of Samantabhadra (Bodhisattva of Universal Virtue).

poetik channel : Blue Resonant Night
Kin 163, is my Mayan long count daykeeper. This links up with the cleansing space card whose poetic channel is the Mayan version of this one, akbal 7.

visionary artist : Carey Thompson : Yellow Electric Warrior
Carey grew up on the east coast of the U.S. in Virginia and North Carolina, and has since lived in New Mexico and Costa Rica. He currently resides in San Francisco, California. Carey describes his work as holomorphic transmission vision crystals. The imagery channels through as impulses from the universal matrix and crystallizes into form onto templates based on sacred geometry and other patterns of nature. Beginning usually with only a seed of intention, the color and form evolve unconsciously to create the finished art. Revealing the interconnectedness of all things is the primary intention of Carey's artwork.

visionary art : : ‘Omnicentricity’
"Recent discoveries in quantum and astrophysics have completely destroyed the Newtonian/Cartesian notion of ourselves floating around in a fixed three-dimensional space. Astronomers had even thought they had pinpointed the exact center where the infamous Big Bang supposedly occurred. Our universe is multidimensional, its center being everywhere, with all of its manifestations containing within them everything else just as every pixel of a hologram contains within it the image of the completed whole. Thus, modern science is a approaching the conclusion, which ancient peoples had intuitively understood, that all is one in this vast unfolding singularity. The image before you attempts to convey this idea. Setting the scale for the painting are the thirteen large blue and green circles each intersecting at their centers forming a stage of the flower of life. This sacred geometric form is the higher dimensional morphogenetic template that all creations filter through before attaining physical manifestation. The flower of life has been discovered in ancient sacred archeological sites in various forms including temples in Egypt and Tibet. So then the question arises as what could these civilizations who were supposedly inferior to our own be doing with such forms and why would they have them on their temples, many of which still stand today thousands of years later. Arising from the intersections within the flower of life is the Kabala, or Tree of Life, as seen with the dark blue lines and small spheres. Used for centuries mainly in the Hebrew orthodoxy, the Tree of Life has many interpretations and practices. It is comprised of three columns denoting Wisdom, Beauty, and Strength, ten Sefirot of cosmic archetype, and the pathways between them each of which having its own significance and meaning. The Tree of Life is also intimately connected with Tarot, astrology, and magic, so one can begin to see how vast and expansive this symbol is. In the vertical line connecting the top and bottom of the flower of life is a row of twelve spheres, two not visible in the center, with two bands of smaller green spheres winding around it. This is based on a crop circle formation that appeared in Wiltshire England in 1997. The formation was 648 ft. long and was created over a thirty minute window of time in the dark of night. This as well as other genuine crop circles, where the grass simply bends at its node and weaves itself into many layers, is a complete mystery to conventional science. Many theories are out there and I have my own, but one must keep asking themselves until they come up with an explanation that resonates with their minds and hearts. I chose this formation in particular due to its embedability within the flower of life using circles of half the diameter. Quite often actually, the formations appearing in these crop fields all over the world are made with the geometric guidelines of the flower of life. This two-dimensional form when placed into three dimensions has the appearance of a side view of the double helix, the geometric structure of DNA. The twelve globes may represent the twelve strands of fully activated DNA, whose evolving progression is seen in the two helical golden spirals emanating from the center out to the center top and bottom of the painting. The twelve colored spheres also represent the twelve energy centers, called chakras in the Hindu tradition, which are within and outside of our bodies. It is within these chakras where the many different levels of human consciousness arise. The twelve spheres are also representative of the twelve ages of the zodiac that we move through and create the cosmic backdrop of our consciousness. There are also twelve notes in the musical scale, which can extend to any and all other vibratory systems. Since all sensory perceptions that we create our reality from are vibratory, everything may fall into the same scale where we may shift our realities to the next octave or fifth like any instrument. Also nestled into the flower and Tree of Life is the star tetrahedron. This three dimensional polygon is formed by two intersecting tetrahedrons which are the most basic of the platonic solids where each face, angle, and edge is equal. There are a total of five platonic solids including the tetrahedron, the cube, octahedron, icosahedron, and the dodecahedron. These forms are found all throughout nature ranging from crystals, atoms, and molecules to flowers, animals, and microscopic organisms. Like the star tetrahedron, each of the geometric forms and their natural counterparts arise from the circular arrangement of the flower of life. The star tetrahedron is of particular interest because its role within bodies of consciousness. Our own bodies are surrounded by a star tetrahedron energy field called the Merkaba that means, literally, spirit light body. When activated, this field enables consciousness to transcend the physical third dimension and traverse the entire spectrum of interdimensional realities. Existing on another perceptual level, this field becomes outwardly visible in other bodies including that of stars and planets. For instance, major storm activity occurs on the planets Jupiter and Neptune and is visible on satellite photographs at 19.5 degrees north and south latitude. These are also the latitudes on our sun where the majority of solar flare activity occurs. On Earth, many sacred sites including Teotihuac�¡n in Mexico as well as many active volcanoes including the Hawaiian island chain lie on this latitude. This latitude is what is made when a star tetrahedron is superimposed over a sphere with its horizontal planes intersecting at 19.5 degrees. This knowledge, recently discovered, was known to ancient cultures and utilized in many ways of which we are now beginning to access. To preserve this knowledge the ancients incorporated the geometries into their temples to be revealed in a future time as well as in metaphorical myth to be orally passed down through the generations. Of these the most well known is the correlation between the twelve points of the star with the twelve disciples of Jesus, and Jesus himself being the fully activated starâ��s totality. In addition, the Mayan creation myth Popul Vuh depicts events concurrent with the twelve zodiacal stages through which our solar system passes. Over the star lies the overhead view of Stonehenge in its original structural form. This ancient megalithic stone structure found in Great Brittan was the site for countless astronomically timed ceremonies and is dated to pre-Druidic times. Thousands flock to this site yearly to witness the wonder while the Druids continue to perform annual ceremonies there. An astronomical observatory, Stonehenge was built around the equinoxes and solstices of our sun as well as other astral alignments. This structure as well as many of the pyramids in Egypt, China, Central and South America, and elsewhere give testament to the heightened wisdom of the ancients and proves that progress is not as linear as generally assumed. Inside the bounds of Stonehenge rests a snowflake. A crystallized water molecule, the snowflake forms itself around the geometry of the six-pointed star never repeating the same organizational pattern twice. Further in one sees the golden honeycomb formed by interlocking spaces shaped together using the same hexagonal geometry. Bees, wasps, and hornets choose this form for storage, as it is the most energy efficient, has the greatest volume to area ratio, and the best structural integrity. Because of these properties, the hexagon is used in modern technology including mirrors for optical telescopes and heat panels for the space shuttles. Lying behind the star tetrahedron and the flower of life is the Stargazer lily. This beautifully evolved flower is not only the embodiment of pure elegance, but like the snowflake and honeycomb it grows along the geometric forces of the star tetrahedron. These are just three of all the physical manifestations on this three dimensional grid that can be seen to fit perfectly into the flower of life sacred geometric form. Also included in the painting is ancient symbology. The Eyes of Horus can be seen around the inner six-pointed star. This Egyptian symbol represents universal consciousness as well as their mystery schools of initiation. The black and white symbol between the stargazer lily and the star tetrahedron is the Mayan Hunab Ku. Defined as the giver of movement and measure, the Hunab Ku is the primal intelligence that pervades the entire universe. Of virtually the same meaning and form is the yin-yang, which is created as the activating DNA spirals out from the center and crosses Stonehenge. This Chinese symbol represents the ever-changing and omnipresent Tao with its yin and yang polarities in constant flux yet in constant balance. From each of the four corners moving in towards the center and then back out to the sides is the Mayan Tzolkin. This is the fractal energy time template that is the heart of the Mayan calendar. Forming a period of 260 kin, each kin representing units of time on all scales, the Tzolkin cycles to form the most astronomically accurate calendar ever. The Tzolkin acts as a bridge between heaven and Earth as one turn of the 260 day cycle equals the average gestation period of the human fetus while two turns represents the Venusian year. The Mayans were even aware of cycles as grand as the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes which describes our path along the ecliptic containing the zodiacal constellations. This cycle, engineered into the Tzolkin and their long count calendar, will be ending and beginning on December 21, 2012 having great implications to the earth and mass consciousness. The Chinese I Ching, also a highly accurate time cycle record and divinatory tool, marks this precise date as well. The time wave novelty theory devised by the late Terence McKenna using historical events and computer simulation points to this date as the moment of infinite potentiality. All this being said, it would seem appropriate for us all to mark this date in whatever calendar we choose to use and prepare for anything. The center of the star tetrahedron convergence and the center of the painting represent many things. First glance will reveal the carbon atom with its twelve subatomic protons and neutrons within its nucleus and six orbiting electrons. Because its currently understood form of a probability cloud would obscure the rest of the painting, I chose the conventional model of the atom. As is commonly known, the carbon atom is the structural basis of all organic life on this planet because of its geometry of valence electrons. Carbon usually forms a ring of six carbon atoms in the shape of a hexagon represented here by the six spheres at the tips of the star tetrahedron. So one can see here that from the microcosm to the macrocosm, all physicality arises from the flower of life. The mighty gaseous body at the center of the solar system, our sun, also rests at the center with all the planets orbiting around it on the lower left to upper right diagonal axis. Also included is the planet Nibiru which ancient Sumerian clay tablets have record of with its 3600 year skewed orbit around our sun. This planet supposedly contains the higher dimensional Annunaki inhabitants and enters our solar system and into our consciousness for a short duration of its orbit. The paintingâ��s center is also the center of our Milky Way galaxy, which our solar system orbits over millions of years. Housing millions of solar systems like our own, is it not highly probable that life exists within them, especially considering the Milky Way galaxy with its millions of suns like our own is only one of the many millions of galaxies that are within the universe. And just like we are connected to the air we breathe and the land we walk on we are just so connected to all of these other solar systems and galaxies. The physical separateness we often perceive of these bodies as well as everything else is complete illusion. And last but not least, the center is also the central and brightest star of the Pleiades constellation, Alcyone. The six sisters of Alcyone are the brighter crossed stars surrounding it in the painting. This is a very important star cluster as it is a vital link with our sun and many other star systems. Many people claim heritage to this star system including the Mayans. One of the Pleiadian stars is named Maya and many of the Mayan pyramids and observatories track the movements and cycles of the Pleiades. The Tzolkin itself is created by the geometric relationship of our earth, our sun, and this star Alcyone. The linear arrangement of these three entities, our sun, the Pleiades, and the center of the Milky Way represent the merging of the New Fire ceremony of the Toltec, where the sun and Pleiades conjunct at the zenith point, and the end/beginning date of the Mayan calendar, where our sun crosses the central plane of the galaxy in 2012. But in a sense, all these things described and everything else lie at the center, the center of our very being and the center of all that is. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy exists pure potential for forms to arise from the implicate chaos, manifest themselves, and return again in the everlasting round. Just as we create the space we live in, we create the time we live in. With this in mind, we can co create a space-time where we are all part of one single unit and restore a world of harmony and a feeling of omnicentricity."

Carey Thompson

artist website :

deck placement :7 of glyphs

tarot : Seven of Cups

archetype :
This is the universal matrix of connectedness that links all spiritual systems into one unified superstructure. This weave is at the heart of all mystical and spiritual traditions, it is the weave that unites.

symbolikon :
Fantasies, dreams, creative potential, castles in the air, and the galactik center.
chakra : sacral

trigram : Quickening (Thunder)

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lightship : Vegetalistas
Amazonian vine shamans, plant workers and healer-allies of the old world and the new world.

light loom :
The Gaian Avatars are semi-divine beings and magical entities like flower petal fairies and forest elves who dwell deeply in nature, living very close to the plants themselves. Taoist tradition focuses on creating an intimate understanding of natural cycles and patterns. The 13 moon calendar is one of the tools of the Mayans that have been made to help people understand the nature of nature. The View is from the Tibetan tradition, a clear perception of reality. Viewpoints refer to metaphysical plateaus that overlook whole systems of systems. The perspective from one of these holonomic plateaus is where the View points (towards applied ethical action in the world). The angelic language of light is one of the mediums of communication used by plants. This reflects micro and macrolinguistiks as well as the influences of divine beings on the unfolding of the craft.

ritual action :
This card is a call to spend time in nature interacting with plants. Interact with plants and note their subtlety. Notice how you are affected by plant medicines as well as the rich nutrients of organic food plants. Go Green. Build gardens.

dedication : Shen
aka Primordial Nuture, aka The Sci-fi Witch Doctor, Shen is a deeply inspired part of the Koan Brothers, a four directional male mystery from the ancient skool of Taoist mystical tradition. Providing sound scapes and luminous metapoetikal influence, Shen is a key holder in this deck of secrets.

poetik channel : Delos
Delos means visibility. It is also an island, one of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. According to Greek legend the island once floated on the surface of the water, until Poseidon fastened it on four diamond pillars. It was the birth place of Apollo and Artemis. Delos was also the celebrated site of a powerful oracle.

visionary artist : Sijay : Red Lunar Moon
A visionary design facet of the Koan Brothers, Sijay designed the back side of all the Galactic Trading Cards. Sijay is a multimedia developer, graphic/permaculture designer, and new systems consultant living in the Elphinstone Rainforest of BC. He holds a B.A. in poetics, linguistics and cultural theory. He has been a magazine layout editor, a free lance illustrator, photographer, electronic musician, and currently runs Onbeyond Metamedia, a multifaceted infosystems design company. He co-facilitates workshops around the world on intuitive utopias, applied visionary experience and harm reduction. His active interests include cultural cartography, digital art, yoga and transtemporal meme dispersal.

visionary art : : ‘Greenman’

'Gaian entities resacralizing the soil
modeling forms of organik synthesis we can develop a sustainable
relationship with technology and nature. recognizing all life as
sentient allows us to experience the plant world as a communicative
intelligence. these are the plant devas, the spirit within the matter.
the green man is a liminal being just at the edge of perception.
learning from the plant world will enable us to find a balanced
interactive dynamik with the earth and with the vast network of
interconnected plantlife.' - Sijay

artist website :

deck placement :Nine of Orbs

tarot : Nine of Diamonds

archetype :
This is the plant allies card. It represents your ability to recieve knowledge from teacher plants.

symbolikon :
Accomplishment, gain, well-being, contentment, garden, harmony with nature, inheritance.

chakra : root

trigram : (earth) allies

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lightship : Training Grounds
By undergoing training we evolve our skill sets as well as our ability to aquire skill sets, this is called getting grounded by attaining mastery. As the local goes global, and the global goes galactic, it is by redesigning our training grounds that we may use our imagination to understand the kind of training that we need to manifest in order to invoke the next level of play. Active training is also very grounding, it helps release stress and built up energy while strengthening the body-mind in a number of different areas.

light loom :
As more attention is paid to detailing and the subtle elements of design theory, we are evolving the mediums in which we transfer information. Graff is short hand for graffiti, an underground movement blurring the lines between language and art in the context of creative free expression. Like the cement skateparks of urban centralities, this park is made of sound scapes, land scapes, dream scapes and vision scapes, the sacred environs of a blessed realm. The light print is the imbedding of light waves into formal matter, our whole reality is a kind of foot print that light (as a holomatrix) is making on the lower 11 dimensions. As we are able to represent with increasing finesse, the Gaian civilization prepares to become a cosmic space port and trading center. Our fates run fluid and malleable down the slopes towards the valley of the eschaton. Although the pathways of history may slip and slide between the right and left wings of political action, the overarching trajectory of history is into the vast ocean of possibility, a metaphysical transfer station for stepping up to another level.

ritual action :
Design a training program for yourself to increase physical and metaphysical prowess. Making your training into a ritual may help to invoke a sacred training grounds in which to evolve.

dedication : Shambhala
Shambhala is a magical land which is shaped like an eight-petaled lotus flower. It has been ruled by priest-kings for many thousands of years. It is a City of Light, the abode of the 'Shining Ones'. Here is where many of the Tibetan ascended masters live and teach. Shambhala is also known as the 'Hidden Kingdom', a community where perfect and semi perfect beings live and are guiding the evolution of humankind. It is considered to be the source of the Kalachakra, which is the highest and most esoteric branch of Tibetan mysticism.

poetik channel : Shan Samurai
The Mountain Samurai. An intrepid light warrior and network architecture light wing fleet admiral of the goldened secret society Green Samurai Clan.

visionary artist : Produce : Yellow Planetary Sun
'Mandate: To give birth or rise to; to cause to have existence or to happen; to give being, form, or shape to; to make; to manufacture/fabricate; to compose, create, or bring out by intellectual or physical effort; to present to the public.'

visionary art : :‘Legacy'
'Incorporating an arial photograph of the farm i grew up on, a warped fibonacci spiral construction, the fibonacci string of numbers and various other subtle samurai imagery.

Land passed from our ancestors must be cherished and cared for.
Gone are the days of cheapest and fastest.
Enter the era of awareness, respect and responsibility.

The homestead evolves. Corporation versus family.
We create our own destinies.

Integrating of analog and digital imagery,
realizing the imagined. Silicon+Carbon.
Universal proportion
encoded with evolved lighte.'

- Produce

artist website :

deck placement :3 of orbs

tarot : 3 of diamonds

archetype :
This is a massive training ground, a landscape for refining your skills and abilities. A place of learning.

symbolikon :
Possibilities, chances, technical structures, commencement.

chakra : sacral

trigram : (thunder) motion

posted : 2006.Mar.09 @ 9.51pm

lightship : Pan-Elvism
Pan-elvism is a reference to the global culture of tribal elvish kin, it is a study of different elvish tribes., cultures and systems of magic, not only across this world but throughout the cosmos. PAN is also the Planetary Art Network, this card emerges from the PAN High Elvin Node in the Elphinstone bioregion.

light loom :
This card invokes a legacy of healing paths, a natural lineage of plant people and plant medicine. Using archaic traditions to activate the kind of communication skills necessary for expansive development, this card functions by creating etheric universal translators that bring meaning to the elements. It calls forth shard collection/connection strategies for peacing the crystal together again and returning the map and the territory to their original unified state. The sunmoon dynamiks is a light oriented design lifestyle carried forth by the sun and moon in alignment, a conjunction of alternatively co-operating and challenging relations balancing movement and directed towards the creative co-construction of intrepid elvish metamythology.

ritual action :
The card invokes a quest, to follow the dharma or teachings home, both to their point of origin and to your own. Look within yourself for a story about the truth as you experience it. Evolve the story into a mythic context, bring in the archetypes. This myth may contain secrets about the nature of your path, beliefs, ideas, fears and dreams. Try writing the story out or communicating it to a trusted friend.

dedication : Rezin
The Invisible prism that helps dream the magik as the galactarian fourth facet of the Koan Brothers diamond movement. He whose glistening influences carve numinous architectures throughout the Greater Geomantik Tool Set. Without the rezin none of this Work would have been possible.

poetik channel : Delvin
The origin oriented elvish poet who writes all the metapoetiks for the card backs. A 10,000 facet vision sun crystal.

visionary artist : Sijay : Lunar Moon & Delvin Crystal Sun
Delvin holds a B.A. in magic, divination and emerging culture, as well as a post-baccalaureate degree in transformational education, future studies and shamanic traditions. Work along the Way in plant-human relations, eco-theory, and bioremediation has led him to his job as a teacher of whole systems and permaculture. Publishing underground art and literature with Dew Press, Delvin's current project is Galactik Trading Cards. As Open I Productions he is an active community builder and facilitator of a number of workshops, rituals, councils, circles and tribal gatherings, he has been traveling down the west coast giving workshops on visionary culture and post-civilization.

Sijay is a multimedia developer, graphic/permaculture designer, and new systems consultant living in the Elphinstone Rainforest of BC. He has been a magazine layout editor, a free lance illustrator, photographer, electronic musician, and currently runs ONBEYOND METAMEDIA, a multifaceted infosystems design company.

visionary art : :‘Ewok Shaman'
The ewok shaman comes from a picture taken of the Elphinstone rainforest. Using reflection technology, the secret plant beings come to life in the symmetries of the mirrored image. There are two versions of this art, the clear sight and the visionary imagination.

artist website :

deck placement :Orb Sennin

tarot : King of Diamonds

archetype :
Mystical keeper of the plant world. Powerful male planetary entity.

symbolikon :
Producer of life, gravity, earthquakes, mysterious nature, alchemy.

chakra : root

trigram : earth key

To order a deck go to
Nemo's Utopia


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