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posted : 2006.Feb.08 @ 6.12pm
aus·pi·cious ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ô-spshs) adj.

1 Attended by favorable circumstances; propitious: an auspicious time to ask for a raise in salary. See Synonyms at favorable.
2 Marked by success; prosperous.

Auspicious was Word of the Day on August 8, 2000.


that was from - i would say that i would recommend that word to refer to things that are not simply well timed, but actually perfectly divinely timed. so technically it could be anything, at the time that you feel it's especially key to note it's divine synchronicity with everything else. So there would be auspicious times to use the word auspicious.

I would also refer to it in its sense of being successful or prosperous, but use that more to mean divine and specially sacred, taking the first meaing and actually expanding on it quite a bit. Such an auspicious word deserves to be used more often.

posted : 2006.Feb.14 @ 9.34pm

Eskimo, Arctic Coast
The soul of any object or person. The word comes from the noun inuk (plural, inuit), which translates to “man, person; inhabitant; possessor, owner.” The possessive form of this noun is inua (plural, inuat or inue). Literally, it means “its man” but is better translated as “its owner,” since it can refer to the soul of an animal or object. Merkur [1985:225-226] reports:

“The term inua has generally been translated as ‘owner’ of nature, but I have demonstrated that the metaphysical conception pertains instead to the second sense. The Inuit conception of the indwellers in nature may be characterized, in Western philosophic terms, as a variety of metaphysical idealism. An inua is an idea that indwells in and imparts individual character to a physical phenomenon. As one Nunamiut put it, an inua is the ‘essential existing force’ of a physical phenomenon, that causes it to be what it is. An indweller has, employs, and is a power. As they indwell in physical phenomenon [sic], indwellers are ordinarily invisible. However ... indwellers are anthropomorphic, regardless of the phenomena in which they indwell, whenever they can be seen. In all cases, indwellers are personal beings that think, have emotions, and act with motivation ... indwellers are also anthropopsychic and social beings, who are capable of communication ... indwellers are also the ideas with which the mind thinks."

... There are many cognates for this term. For example, among the Iglulik Eskimo, the word is inusia, which literally translates to "appearance as a human being." Among the Eskimo of Point Hope in northwest Alaska, the inyua ... is conceived of as the "owner" of the river, tree, drum, and so on....

- from woodpecker

posted : 2006.Feb.14 @ 9.36pm

i asked delvin for his definition some time ago and he said:

the interactive mediums within living systems that
link one living thing to another
the structures of all energetik exchanges that take place in an ecology

the underlying living ness of all experience

then i asked, and how does it expand from the dictionary definition?

it grows far beyond words
into a rich dimension to exchanges and mediums
intuitions dreams visions
feelings and ideas

that feels like a pretty clear definition to me.
i can dig it ... which brings me to my next post.

posted : 2006.Feb.14 @ 9.46pm

1. anything and everything
2. a system which is simultaneously self-organized and organized by all other systems.
3. the infinite, holographic, light of the world.

- silverbirch

posted : 2006.Nov.03 @ 9.50pm
virtu \vuhr-TOO; vir-\, noun:

1. love of or taste for fine objects of art.
2. Productions of art (especially fine antiques).
3. Artistic quality.


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