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posted : 2004.Aug.27 @ 4.16am
Inspired by the everyday snaps thread i thought I'd try an experiment (I dont want to spam that thread too much MODs-- if oyu want me to post these in that thread just say). Too often I dont post in forums until I have a good set, this forum is something different so i thought I would try something different.

This thread will be filled with one photo every day. It will not be updated every day (and i'll usually be at least a day or so behind.) as on weekends i tend to stay away from computers. This is a challenge to myself can i prodce a picture a day worth posting. There will be no theme, no order. Comments are welcome

26 August 2004

posted : 2004.Aug.30 @ 9.12am
i really like this pic,
i can sit here for awile and explore the spaces.
it calms me.


posted : 2004.Sep.01 @ 6.19am
silky.. thanks, i went there to get an oppresive woodland image but found this there instead.

ok so i'm slacking already Laughing .. had a few days away from a pc.

27 August 2004

28 August 2004

29 August 2004
Playing with IR and movement

posted : 2004.Sep.02 @ 2.33am
I'm trying to get these photos in one shot and so i can see what mistakes i make.

30 August 2004

31 August 2004
Moonlit resevoir.

posted : 2004.Sep.06 @ 1.54am
another update...gah running behind must sit back in front of the pc and crank out the shots.

The first is an experiment with an effect i want to get in portraits, kind of a homage to albert watson, only not so good.. Rolling Eyes

1 September 2004

2 September 2004
Shape and line

posted : 2004.Sep.06 @ 6.05am
Sept 1 : Nice self portrait! I like the contrast, your pose and your hair.
Your eyes are really expressive even though you are wearing glasses and
not looking at the camera. That's not an easy thing to do. Cheers

posted : 2004.Sep.06 @ 6.12am
air, thanks. i hear you on the difficulty in taking self portraits... i tend to "stare" at the camera.. makes me look weird.. well weirder at least.

posted : 2004.Sep.07 @ 1.49am
managed to find the time to save out these images last night.

3 September 2004
a friends New Lomo Pinhole.

4 September 2004

5 September 2004
Form and Colour

6 September 2004
Gritty and Grainy Ghosts

posted : 2004.Sep.07 @ 9.53pm
pleasure to look at!!! mean it...

as a support gesture...

posted : 2004.Sep.14 @ 12.59am
dmaniac.. thanks.. think i need it! glad you are liking them.

ok next update is here... sorry to say that i missed two days, damn.... must ....better... Laughing

9 September 2004
IR Tree.

10 September 2004
Evening colour

11 September 2004
Overcast Tree.

12 September 2004
Rain Soaked Plant.

13 September 2004
Windy Ferns - 3 second exposure - playing with textures

posted : 2004.Sep.14 @ 6.18am
Sept 9, 10 and 11 are all wondamus but The light in 10 owns me.
This grind of yours is first rate. You live near some compelling naturey
bits and you record it in such a moody/dramatic way. Cheers

posted : 2004.Sep.17 @ 6.51am
air, thanks, there are some great places within 20-30 minutes drive for me and the place in the 10th is just 5 minutes walk away from my house. Very Happy

once more i have some more shots, these are all going old school, i got my hands ona 2nd hand pentax as i had recently acquired some old lenses. 30 for an old pentax p30.... bargin.

14 September 2004

15 September 2004

16 September 2004

posted : 2004.Sep.17 @ 5.05pm
there's something thin and delicate about these 3 last photos - nice, really nice! 2nd - fav... carry on!


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