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index « audial « event » ZILLA ( 2.4.06 )

posted : 2006.Feb.01 @ 9.22am

Come join me for Zilla...

ZILLA is a Colorado based trio of musicians with the live musical experience in mind. A 100% organic, improvised creation, each ZILLA concert proves to be a completely unique occurrence, with even the band members having no idea where the music will take them night after night. Relying on their uncanny ability to listen and incorporate their individual talents into a group focused brand of live electronic dance music, ZILLA is sweeping the world by storm with their rare breed of beats, bass and uncontrollable musical fury making each performance exactly what live music is all about: spontaneity, flow, grooves and a damn good dance party.

Ticket Information - Only 12$ each!

posted : 2006.Feb.08 @ 8.57am
BTW, this was out of this world!

Anyone that has the chance to see ZILLA in the future, I suggest you do it!


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