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posted : 2007.Apr.29 @ 10.08pm
my first animation!!!

an attempt, failed but valiant, to properly animate an icosahedron

spinning on the exact axis that i want it spinning, that is

this is the reason i decided to learn 3d software

posted : 2007.Apr.29 @ 11.46pm
i made friends with a wonderful fellow by the name of chris forrester
a mathematician specializing in geometry
deeply spiritual in his craft

he sent me this in reply to my questions about my attempted icosahedron animation :

here's a great non-crash course on geometry and alignment, perceptual interactions into the universe, and a sampling of my own research into stabilised trans-phasic mnemonic fields, which have to do with super and subspaces of topography using harmonic alignment and frequency boosting.

ah.. galactic grammar...


spin these on exact angles horizontally and vertically with your mouse and you can get an idea of what's going on..


something else

the interesting thing about the icosahedron is that much as 6 circles fit around a 2d circle, 12 spheres fit around a 3d sphere. 24 spheres fit around a 4d sphere.
from the 3d and 4d, though 12 is the max that can touch, they are seperated unlike the 2d. so seperated in fact that any of the spheres can switch position, while still touching the center sphere.

context for that one: about a day and a half ago me and meme were talking about star-ships and co-creation, and we came up with a nice relativistic method of infinite dimensional awareness, which had much to do with taking a 4d distance calculation, and exchanging one of the spacial dimensions with the temporal dimension..


and here's some of my stuff, with..

mathematics constructing spacially into 2d:

then 2d alignments of squares and circles revealing an infinite number of re-mappable universes
that would have absolutely no way of perceiving the other was there due to the balances;
3d alignments of cubes and spheres revealing a ratio of surface areas to one another that would allow for perception,
and upon integration of the two surfaces - real and imaginary - a creation of a superspace:

then towards integration:


and more! some interesting functions of 4d cubes into 3d space, which happens to be the crystalline lattice of 'garnet'..

here's a neat view of toggle-stereoscopy, simple trick of moving back and forth between two perspectives of a stereoscopic image to produce a very nice 3d effect:

and then there's this.. my favorite settings to witness are color scheme: mma, speed at 20.0fps, stereo mode: cross-eyed.

posted : 2007.Apr.29 @ 11.52pm
this was the final product of my mission tech
though i may likely expand this work with time and skill
integrated into a website, which is yet to be released :

inner icon by XAVI

posted : 2007.Apr.30 @ 7.28pm
Oh snap! Thank you for the wonderful geometry...
Some of the language isn't there yet for me,
but the visual language is coming through loud and clear!
Still studying...and inspired to incorporate geometry into a painting
I'm growing.


posted : 2007.May.01 @ 10.52am
you sure are, sylvain!!!


posted : 2007.May.04 @ 7.59am

This is a try at something polygonal...
I find that your mission tech assignment is quite lovely and clean by the way,
it is a cool collaboration! These polygons really get me going.
And thank you for the encouraging remark!!
Moving forward always... Smile


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