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posted : 2006.Jan.15 @ 5.31pm
This is a talk given by Terence McKenna
less than a year before he kicked the bucket.

It contains many profound ideas
that are worth cognizing:

>> Culture and Ideology are not your friends (.mp3)
c/o : Psychedelic Salon

A talk by Terence McKenna
in Denver - April 1999

This is a struggle between novelty and habit...

[Your culture] is the greatest barrier to your enlightenment, your education, and your decency.
Cultures are virtual realities made of language.

Glass Place by Cory Ench

posted : 2006.Jan.16 @ 2.21am
And if that was at all compelling,
here is another with slightly different focus
on similar matters.

>> Linear Societies and Nonlinear Drugs (.mp3)
c/o : Psychedelic Salon

A talk by Terence McKenna
at the Palenque Entheobotany Conference in 1999.

I ask myself all the time, how are we different from other people?
Are we morally superior, are we smarter, are we richer, are we kinder to the people we meet?

And you know the harder I look the less I can tell.

> McKenna MP3s on Psychedelic Library
> Bonus Terence MP3s

posted : 2007.Dec.17 @ 3.47pm
Unfolding of the Stone

>> Terence McKenna - Unfolding the Stone [1991]
I had not come across this McKenna lecture until today,
and what a wonderful gift.


posted : 2009.Feb.20 @ 9.10am
Prague Gnosis // Terence Talks with Others

The first person he speaks with is Ram Dass.  It starts off really funny!

posted : 2009.Mar.09 @ 8.48am

» Pushing the Envelope . [ mp3 ]

Two mindblowing talks on machine + biology and the internet.
Allison's words in between the two talks are so moving and timely.


[edit: I changed "machine vs. biology" to "machine + biology".] 


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