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posted : 2006.Jan.10 @ 6.47pm
I consider my self to be extremely and helplessly addicted to music. I'll often put off eating if it means getting to sit through a sweet album. If fact if i don't get a good daily spoonful of music everyday i get grumpy and decend into a realm of audio neglected insanity

Having said this i've decided to start posting suggested listening to you other podlings. I believe there was a thread for this once upon a time (can't find it) but i'll start fresh.

First up because i'm currently listening to is is: Meat Beat Manifesto

The specific album is: Subliminal Sandwich and it's a thick one.

This is a put on your headphones and trip out on audio juicynessesss for 2 hours kinda of deal. If you smoke green, then please smoke a good deal of it and pop this on. Some might compare it to that of FSOL (Future Sound of London) which as far as i know drew a great deal of inspiration from MBM. So if you like this also check out FSOL. Although even at their best peaks, FSOL can't even compare to this audio mixed mastery. Along the record your brought through a series of audio landscapes. From grungy bass thick electronic break downs, to pure chill groovy dance-able love bombs, and all the way into ambient audio universes that remind me of crossing dimensions. Their use of various audio clips from pretty much everywhere insures a lack of bordem and a garenteed lock down of your attention span. It's a double CD sound bomb, the second CD being my favoret and some of the longer tracks tear open how i think about sound.

Give this album a shot and if you like this perhaps you will enjoy other MBM albums.


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