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posted : 2005.Dec.19 @ 3.33pm
Anyone going to this festival New Years Eve? It's in San Fransisco, and its being thrown by the String Cheese Incident, and the people who threw burning man. Look's like its going to be amazing. I just got my tickets in the mail today.


The following people will be on stage:

• DRESDEN DOLLS (30th & 31st)
• YARD DOGS ROAD SHOW (30th & 31st)
• GANGA GIRI (30th & 31st)
• LUNA GROOVE (31st)

• LORIN (Bassnectar) (30th & 31st) <- THIS GUY IS AMAZING
• LAWGIVERZ (Trigger UK) (31st)
• JENÖ (Wicked) (31st)
• RANDOM RAB (El Circo) (31st)
• BROTHER (13 Moontribe) (31st)
• SOTEG (Bless Records) (31st)
• LAIRD (Get Yr. Freak ON!) (31st)
• KOSMIKNEIL (Trigger UK) (30th)
• LITTLE JOHN (Raindance) (31st)
• SHAWNA (El Circo) (31st)
• DFUNKT (EzLuv) (30th)
• CLAY (Yoga Tai Chi) (31st)
• REBECCA WATKINS (Get Underground) (30th)
• MANCUB VS. KAPT’N KIRK (Space Cowboys) (30th)

• VAU DE VIRE SOCIETY (30th & 31st)
• EL CIRCO (30th & 31st)
• KID BEYOND (Beatbox Alchemy) (31st)
• BLACK & BLUE BURLESQUE (30th & 31st)
• APSARA (31st)
• MYSTIC FAMILY CIRCUS (30th & 31st)

posted : 2005.Dec.19 @ 6.59pm
XAVI will be there, Scott.
Look him up. He could be a portal to some serious social novelty.
Anon Salon rules. We went to Sea of Dreams in LA last year and it was the best,
so we are going again this year! I am looking forward to seeing/hearing David Starfire.

Here's a hijacked tribe thread:

This New Year's Eve, San Francisco and LA -based event promoters ANON SALON are expanding on the long running success of their legendary SEA OF DREAMS New Year's Eve LA spectacle with "CIRKO SIX" at the elegant, historic Los Angeles Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

Anon Salon presents
New Years Eve

Dec 31, 2005 9pm to 3am
@ the historic
Los Angeles Theater
615 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014

On New Year's Eve 2006...

Explore the Golden Era of the downtown Los Angeles Theatre District, where ornate structures on Broadway once made up the most condensed collection of palace theaters in the world...their glory paying homage to American variety theatre, vaudeville and burlesque. This New Years Eve, join the new Renaissance as Anon Salon brings one of most lavish and historical theatres from this past era back to life with some of LA's most cutting edge burlesque and cirque performers.


Live on the theatre stage!

The Buxoticas of Lucha Va Voom
Buxom * Exotica * Buxotica

Lucent Dossier
Exo-Vaudeville glAmour Shenanigans

Cirque Berzerk
Cirkus for the MisLed

Live music from
Rosin Coven (Music from the Pagan Lounge, Burning Man)
Gooferman (KloWNifIED Chop-Hop)
Alcyone (Deep Chunky Grooves) w/ Suzanne Sterlingirgin
DMT (Guerilla Audio Science)
Helios Jive (Heliosentric Jazz)

Dancerotica DJ Zones

David Starfire (LABA, Space Island)
Patricio (LABA, Space Island)
Ooah (LABA, BoomBox)
Vordo (Abstrakt, SF)
Les Shill (Church of Wow)

others TBA

InterActive environments created by The Do Lab

Cirk-u-lation Gallery (Arte d' Burlesque)
curated by Mike Russek (6 Degrees Festival, Transport Gallery)

Vaudeville/Burlesque/Circus Costumes Encouraged

- Five hours of continuous theatre performance
- Multiple sound stages
- Art Exhibit
- Open air food court

Saturday Dec 31 8pm to 3am
Advance Tickets: $60.00
Tix and info @

The Los Angeles Theatre
This baroque-style Louis XIV masterpiece built in 1931 premiered Charlie Chaplin's City Lights. It's stood empty since the 90's, a mausoleum of the glory days waiting to be re-birthed. On New Year's eve we'll fill these golden halls with color and pizzazz befitting its dazzling perfection.

Anon Salon
Known for their over the top multi-media events, over the course of its 15-year existence, ANON SALON has helped redefine West Coast event production by producing hundreds of unique theme parties, theater festivals, art shows and even street fairs for Burning Man fans in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Since its debut on NYE 2000 in San Francisco, their annual New Years bacchanalia event has been known as the must-see sleeper event for the in-the-know “cultural creatives”, attracting over 2,000 attendees each year to the sold out San Francisco events and last year’s first LA event.


posted : 2005.Dec.21 @ 8.46am
Air! That sounds like so much fun! Im a bit more excited to be going to SF (havent been there in a long while) than anything. I'm also really looking forward to seeing Bassnectar! OMG I love that guys music, just blows my mind. And SCI couldnt be too bad ;D

Have a safe New Years Aaron, and everyone else!

If anyone is going to be in SF at this event, byte me for my cell, as we would love to meet up with anyone from the pod!


posted : 2005.Dec.21 @ 9.31am

In my experience it's not the best thing to do at a party. Create an intentional space for yourself and your allies and do a journey one by one in a circle. The energies and vibe around you really affect what you bring into that world and have a huge impact on your trip.

Think of it like a phone call to an alien race. Would you make that from a crazy party?

Just my xp


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