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posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 12.38pm
drumroll please ..............................

posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 5.04pm

“Naturalness is called the Way. The Way has no name or form; it is just the essence, just the primal spirit. / Essence and life are invisible, so they are associated with the sky and light. Sky and light are invisible, so they are associated with the two eyes.”

- The Secret of the Golden Flower
An old Buddhist manual, translated by Thomas Cleary

The word Rei-ki can be literally translated to mean Universal Life Energy and this energy is most often perceived as a kind of celestial light – that is, physical light in its highest dimensional form. With this in mind, we use these three terms interchangeably. In order to explore the vast cosmic dimensions of an entirely universal energy, we use, here, a more broad definition of the word “life” than is commonly conceived of. Drawing from the work of scientist Brian Swimme, we look at life as any self-organizing system. This definition might include anything from a weather pattern, to an animal or plant, to an entire eco-system or star-system - even a great mountain or a tiny pebble. By this definition, everything is alive.

Rei-ki, light, or universal life energy, could be described as a kind of energy which vibrates on the highest possible frequency. In a world where everything, even matter is made of energy wavelets which vibrate up down, Rei-ki is energy that vibrates faster than any other frequency, and is thus, like many other fast frequencies, non-material. In a world that could be divided into infinite dimensions, all present in the same physical space, light characterizes the highest dimensions of existence - the heavenly realms of total divine unity. You could think of these dimensions as realms of perception, each level of reality representing a state of consciousness. In that sense, if there is a state of pure consciousness called Enlightenment, you could say that Rei-ki is the essence of it.

Since non-physical realities are seen through the eye of the imagination, there is no one correct way to see or feel light. Still, though, there has been a common thread among people’s perceptions of this energy. Most people perceive Rei-ki as being like pure white light, sometimes silver or gold, shimmering and beautiful, occasionally filled with beautiful symbols, languages, or other sacred information. As a sensation it’s often perceived as a gentle, tingling essence which immediately breaks up discomfort, and creates deep relaxation and renewal, or a sweet, subtle and pleasant sensation. Many people, also, do not have any direct perception of Rei-ki as they are beginning to learn. How do you perceive Rei-ki?

To truly explore, however, the widest scope of the nature of light, we use the celestial tool of metaphor. In “metaphor”, meta means “beyond”, and phor means, “to throw”. So, “throwing beyond” by using our metaphor as a light-ship, which can take us on a never-ending voyage beyond any static definition, into infinite realms of perception, ever evolving and expanding our understanding of and relationship to the subject. We relate to light with metaphor, because light is of the same process-based, evolutionary nature as metaphor itself. Through this journey of metaphorically exploring the universal nature of light, we come to see that everything is a metaphor for everything else. So, we use here a form of communication that models its subject, illuminating the expansive science of Rei-ki through a foray of metaphors between physical light, upper dimensional light, life and nature.

In every way, light represents the ultimate unity of the infinite spectrum of life. In the same way that white light can be broken into a rainbow, infinitely diverse in the space between the seven main colours, the universe continually manifests itself through a wild myriad of novel possibilities. Still, in the prismatic rainbow, each separate colour is still a part of a whole spectrum, all emerging from the same source as the others. Scientists have discovered that this metaphor extends all the way to the beginning of time and space, at the birth of what Brian Swimme calls, the primeval fireball, the original cosmic flame whose expansive power forged the elements and set into motion the entire story of the universe as we know it. This original light, shone through the “prism” of time and space, has birthed all the complex systems of life which we are a part of now, yet this same original flame can be found in each of us, fueling our metabolism, and our will to live on.
When and why do you feel compelled to find unifying themes in the diversity of your world?

In the same way, we have found that all cellular life on this planet, though extremely diverse, is actually the manifestation of a complex coding system based on the language of DNA, which is shared exactly between all known cellular life forms in this universe. In fact, every single one of these life form on Earth is related in a direct, unbroken lineage from the very first DNA containing cell hosted by this planet, much like so many colours come from one unbroken ray of light. Steve Gamble has noted that it is a widely acknowledged scientific fact that our DNA is literally composed of light photons, which communicate vital information with the DNA in their immediate environment. Alon Aspect and his team of scientists have proved that cells are able to exchange information through light with any other cell in the known universe at any time. So, amidst a vast, galactic multiplicity, there is always a great interconnection at play and pure light, once again, characterizes it perfectly.

Because light represents this entirety of life, we can see it metaphorically as the essence of unconditional love. Here, we explore love in a wider sense than human love alone, looking at it in a cosmic context, as the basis of all existence. In this way, love can be seen as the universal law of attraction or relativity, which holds the cosmos in a perpetual, self-organizing dance of form and formlessness. That force which affectionately attracts us to one thing or another is also known as gravity, though in the complex dimensions of human love this could be interpreted as a kind of spiritual intimacy or compassion. Like the primeval fireball, the origin of light, love is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Though its effects are widely understood, its cause is not known. This fundamental mystery is what keeps us in our constant evolutionary process, as we are continually led to understand and grow more. So, in a life filled with light, we are ever evolving through our deepening, unconditional love.

Light consciousness represents the integration of every individual aspect of our selves within an infinitely larger context. Through light we learn to see ourselves as a system within a system within a system, from the microscopic worlds deep within our bodies to the macrocosmic, interstellar reaches of forever. This new way of seeing our selves is called “whole systems theory”, and it’s been called “The biggest bite out of the Tree of Knowledge that science has taken since the invention of language”. Scientists and many others have found that they can learn exponentially more about any given life form, or part of a life form, by exploring the greater system that it is a part of, since life organizes itself through its complex relationships with other beings. In this sense, light is a teacher, by giving us a much deeper look at the unending realms of who we are, in this expansive universal setting.

How could you better relate with the greater systems around you?

Another way of understanding this, is through the metaphor of the endless web of mirrors. There is a myth that says that in the abode of Indra, the Hindu God of Space, there is a net that stretches infinitely in all directions. At every intersection of the net there is a jewel so highly polished and perfect that it reflects every other jewel in the net. The consciousness of light unveils this dynamic of life as a great web of life and each of us, or each of our parts, as one of these exquisitely polished diamonds. So this notion that we are all constantly reflecting one another can serve to articulate our unity in every day life. To remind ourselves of our unity, we might ask, “how is this reflecting me?”. Asking this question, weather in challenging or joyful situations, helps us explore the fascinating ways that we embody each other, empowering our relationships through the acknowledgment that we are one. In this way, we can emanate the vibration of Rei-ki through our pure observation of that which is, as that which we are.

Can you see yourself in this article? How?

Another way of understanding the whole system of life is through the metaphor of the fractal. A fractal is a computer generated image, often of beautiful spiraling vistas of colour and form. The unique characteristic of fractals, is that if you take a small bit of the image and blow it up to the original size, you have the original picture in its entirety. Fractal theory is the idea that life reflects that dynamic, and that each part of the universe, no matter how small, contains within it the whole system that it is a part of. This expands the notion that every part reflects the whole, to state that every part, on some deep level, is the whole (and thus every separate part as well), and this is an important distinction. With Rei-ki, the notion of separation, while very useful in many cases, becomes a smaller truth which, when expanded, illuminates a dimension where all is entirely one.

A central aspect of this celestial unity is the dynamic of paradox, which takes us even deeper into the one that is all, to include the all that is not. In terms of our metaphor, light literally cannot shine without its opposite of dark space to shine into. Without this space, it remains a point at its source; invisible to the eye. In this sense, light and darkness are so connected that when there is luminance, you could say that the two are truly inseparable. In the same way, all the “wrongs” of our lives are inseparable from the truth and beauty we experience in times of realization. By choosing, consciously or unconsciously, a long karmic string of challenges and mistakes, we evolve our sense of who we are, informed by the experiential (and relative) learning of who we aren’t. With Rei-ki, we broaden the horizons of our awareness and we don’t resist what we can’t change, since we learn to see compassion in suffering, order in chaos, truth in illusion, life in death and beyond.

Finally, through this metaphor of light and life, the nature of light relates not only to the dimension of space, but also of time. In an increasingly deep communion with the all that is, we find ourselves ever more firmly grounded in the great, infinite now. As our relationship to this moment develops, it becomes clear that since the now connects us with this vast eternity of space, we are therefore equally intertwined with the scope of past and future. Our long journey of evolution has forged for us these bodies and souls, and our constant seeding of future possibilities has moved us through that experience to this one. Through the now of light, the boundaries between past, present and future dissolve, and an immense sense of unity between all times is illuminated. This sense of rapport with our ageless physical and spiritual lineages and destinies, empowers our engagement with this moment in a bright way.

What is your relationship to this moment?

This has been an exerpt from Light Science; The Art of Reiki and Spiritual Photosynthesis by silverbirch


“The Universe is a Green Dragon” by Brian Swimme – discussing whole systems theory, the primeival fireball, and the nature of self-organizing systems as life.

“The Universe as a Hologram” (unknown author) – discussing the findings of Alain Aspect's team of scientists on the holographic nature of cellular communication

“Brief Synopsis of the Dangers of EMF's and mobile phone masts and how they can effect our health” Compiled by Steve Gamble – discussing scientific findings regarding the nature of DNA as being made of light


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