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posted : 2008.Nov.04 @ 6.57am

One of my favorite ways to find new stuff on the web is stumbleupon.

It puts a custom stumbling bar on your browser and when you want

some newness you click it and  it randomly throws you into the ether.


This morning's first click sent me to Multicolr Lab Flickr Set.

Play with it.  Try single colors and palettes of various combinations.


Here it is using the fora colors.


posted : 2008.Nov.07 @ 11.44am

You guys should definitely see this...


>>  Wee Planets

...My friend Will showed it to me a few weeks ago. Well worth the check out.

posted : 2008.Nov.10 @ 12.58am
Thanx Air... it's a great toy and inspiration tool Smile !!! My sister back in Russki Land is checking with the colour photos selection and she says thanx as well.

posted : 2009.Jun.18 @ 10.19pm

›› Clever Typography










posted : 2009.Jun.23 @ 1.35am

 >> '7 man made substances that laugh in the face of physics'






A ferrofluid is a liquid made of nanoparticles of iron compounds that react to magnetic fields.

posted : 2009.Jul.15 @ 5.50pm

 My friend Jael showed me this.  Stick with it until about 4:40.  


>>UFO Releasing Spheres over Mexico




Jael often has time to search for content online at work. He says, "over the last two weeks this has been happening all over.  There was a string of sightings over the 4th of July weekend all over Britain and Mexico.  Some weird stuff in florida has been going down as well.  What's cool is that everyone has a video camera in their phone now so the volume has gone geometric (while the quality is still pretty crappy)"

In case of further interest, here is an article to provide some historical context:

Life is exciting.  Enjoy... 

posted : 2009.Jul.29 @ 1.10am
 diggin the sugar cube despenser




kashmir from Steve Scott on Vimeo.


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