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posted : 2008.Mar.07 @ 2.16am

posted : 2008.Mar.07 @ 3.26am
Now THAT, Phong, is why this thread was created!
James Jean is beyond good and a bit of a throw back to classical illustrators like Arthur Rackham.

posted : 2008.Mar.07 @ 6.44pm

posted : 2008.Mar.07 @ 8.43pm
It's nice to see the collective consciousness at work, agape.
This just broke. I sent it to Phong and Andrew Jones at the Lightship Studio, SF yesterday.

Some aspects of our seemingly turbulent future hold definite podular promise.

posted : 2008.Mar.08 @ 12.02am
Wordz ~
Very Happy

posted : 2008.Mar.14 @ 2.17pm
This makes me incredibly happy Smile

posted : 2008.Apr.11 @ 3.35pm
This blew our brainballs. Both of them.

TED talks: Johnny Lee: Wii remote hacks

posted : 2008.Apr.11 @ 6.03pm
Bombest tech in a while.
Ted is becoming an awesome platform for open:minded:ness.
Just imagine what is to come!

Thanks di-ioti ~

posted : 2008.May.01 @ 5.41am
50 Ways to Help the Planet.
This is great. Heads up to Phong and Lunaya.
The use of icons here is what got my attention.

posted : 2008.May.01 @ 7.33am

posted : 2008.Jun.25 @ 3.29am
Dubai to get 'moving' skyscraper
Artist image released by Dynamic Architecture shows the rotating skyscraper that is to be built in Dubai, in various stages of movement.

Construction of the world's first moving building, a 80-storey tower with revolving floors which give it an ever-shifting shape, is due to begin.

"The Dynamic Tower will constantly change its shape"

posted : 2008.Jun.25 @ 8.07am
Nice one, Phong.
The first thing I thought of was,
"Cool, but is it a green building or an energy hog?"
Stoked to learn that we can have the morphnig Xavular light towers that create energy.

"The slender building would be energy self-sufficient as the turbines would produce
enough electricity to power the entire building and even feed extra power back into the grid."

posted : 2008.Jun.27 @ 11.45pm


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