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posted : 2006.Feb.28 @ 10.20pm
digilingus That's what Phong and I do for a living.

posted : 2006.Mar.01 @ 5.08pm

a distant relation to digilingus is DIDGILINGUS... which is: the playing of the australian aboriginal instrument,
the DIDGERIDOO. The suffix "lingus" is suggestive of 'linguistics'. "digilingus" is when one speaks the digital
language,and "didgilingus" is when one speaks the language of soundings through the didgeridoo...

my latest word finding is " GUIDANCE "... in meta speak, it becomes GUIDEDANCE
meaning :: the dance of being guided through life by spirit guides, or friends, or intuition,
or a pod of bees buzzing towards the nectar of abundant gardens!!!

posted : 2006.Mar.02 @ 12.47am
Re: dork date.

A few other pod (and non-pod) members and I do this quite frequently. We used to call it a nerd orgy where we spread our love knowledge and rub our Powerbooks together. It's hot. Like paris hilton eating a whopper.

Pretty soon we're going to start having photorgies where we will all hide from each other and take voyeuristic snapshots from weird angles. You'll see.

posted : 2006.Mar.02 @ 2.47am
photo orgy, aka.
photo pheast

posted : 2006.Mar.03 @ 11.00am
Heres kind of a different flavor.... now this is not a vocab word, but a remix on grammar... its a quick way to streamline the sentances and add a quirky elvish flair to the flow...peep...

Lets say you are writing the phrase::: "as soon as possible"
That phrase can become::: "azsoon azpossible"

I am curious what other ways we can play with grammar to streamline the flow...

posted : 2006.Mar.27 @ 12.55pm
HTTP: Hyper Text Transformer Posse Arrow

posted : 2006.Mar.27 @ 1.15pm
You might streamline:
"Greetings brother/sister. What is up in your flow?"

"Whadup flowe?"

posted : 2006.Mar.27 @ 2.13pm
... or Howflowzit?

posted : 2006.Mar.28 @ 9.38pm
yeah!!! that's magnarvelous, air


so phong - what do you mean when you ad the suffix "onious" ?

Frog Buddha

posted : 2006.Mar.28 @ 10.09pm
onious // onius
ie. ansonious, birchonious, delvonious, sijaynious...
: indicates and provokes playfulness interacting with sentience.
Also good for adding extra sylables
to encode more emmotional data in a greeting.

Beings react playfully to the greeting, "Hellonious!"

Also sounds good in relation to asis:
"Greetonious Birchasis!"

posted : 2006.May.22 @ 2.57pm
from shiraz :

splendurious - an enduring form of splendidness
(as opposed to short-term splendidity)

eg #1. "yo, that party was splendid!" "dude, DUDE -- this tribe is splendurious!"

eg #2. this thread

posted : 2006.May.24 @ 9.58am
thread : a stream of related expressions of conscious ness between beings or expressive forms.

so, this thread has been so inspiring for me
that i've started circulating it between three different threads
every time something i like pops up on any thread
i publish it in the trinity of threads

posted : 2006.Jul.31 @ 12.21pm

the mystical art of evolving our relationship with language


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