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posted : 2006.Jan.03 @ 5.58pm
oh and how could i leave out the classic term coined by nils and used widely across the spaces:

telepaphone : a metaphorical telephone which can be used at will to contact anyone in the galaxy by telepathy... ie: make sure you all have your telepaphones on for the global peace meditation ... fullon indranetic telepaphonic link up with all beings in all spaces and times ... classic phrase: "the telepaphone is always on".

posted : 2006.Jan.04 @ 2.34pm
art throb :: an artist who's work is so stunningly beautiful you fall in love with them through their work.
art broken :: a depressed mental state where the creation of pieces, no matter how hard you try, is impossible. especially relevant when love (or lack thereof) is involved...

posted : 2006.Jan.15 @ 4.23pm
here's some that sijay recently shared in a similar thread.

interintuitive: a collective understanding of intuition which pulls us all into the wordless space which unites all memes and languages

omnitopic: pertaining to a collective set of utopias which are not set to create dystopias from opposing ideas

polyprobability: themultifaceted plurality of many possible outcomes.

intertemporality: the interaction of varied timestreams on a consensus time line

opt(ik)on: the full range of visual communication

memetikon: the full range of memetik potentials

syntakt(ik)on: the full range of syntactic (structural) permutations involved in the communicative process

cosmorgasm: : the big bang

posted : 2006.Jan.21 @ 10.09pm
i think i got this one from jeffe, but it's pretty thoroughly around the coast:

tag (verb) .:. based on the game of hide and go seek - to tag is to make someone "it", or to give them the next move in a given series of actions. ie: phong's initiating this thread tagged podlings with the mission of coming up with new words or sharing the ones they already had on hand, regardless of weather everyone accepted the tag or not.

which brings me to:

tag (noun) .:. a variation on the verb form, a tag is what you would call the act of tagging someone and/or the act of being tagged, regardless of weather the tag is accepted. phong's original post on this thread was a tag in that sense. yet, tag can be used in a very broad sense. i once had someone tell me they had a secret tag for me, to be revealed later - then they gave me money they owed me! the tag in that sense (i'm pretty sure) was the recieving and giving of money.

tagerrific .:. both terrific and a tag. i just made that up now, as a joke, and have never used it before. i quite often add "errific" to my words to describe the time i'm having with certian things or actions as being terrific. "how's everything in gifts and lifestyle today?", "oh it's gifterrific, thanks for asking". Sometimes even saying that at all can sound sarcastic, so discretion is advised Smile *giggle*.

posted : 2006.Feb.08 @ 6.25pm
godessence (silverbirch) .:. the essence or spirit nature of the goddess.

namastasis (eve, tha lady apples - tho it's my guess what it means) .:.

1. that still, eternal place in the centre of the centre of all life, which embodies the spirit of pure reverance and honour towards the divine one that is all.

2. stopping for a moment to tap into what's described in the first definition as it exists within you

posted : 2006.Feb.08 @ 7.23pm
00. Assistance by sombody whos in the realization that they're one with you,
accompanied by the distinct perception that they're helping themselves.

posted : 2006.Feb.10 @ 7.55pm
kNew (psilly boy) : something new, yet somehow familiar, already within/unlocked, known.

communification (psilly boy) : this is only possible between equals - unity through communication.

doog morphternoon (psilly boy) : a greeting exchanged between people who are in the twilight zone, or the morning after a long period of no sleep.

inuverse (mike mack) : the universe inside

then there's this one from pixie lee:

tugglesnuffy : (pronounced "tuh-gl-snuh-feh")

Said with an imitated Scottish burr: "Yer rrright tugglesnuffy, aye tell yeh!" or like this: "The lad's rrright tugglesnuffy!" or: "Therrre yeh gou, bein' all tugglesnuffy!"

When a person is in a state where they are worked up (either in irritation, or in a state of silliness like when they've been laughing too hard and can't catch their breath, or they're off their rocker from intoxication or other outside factors) and mix up their words/can't 'spit it out'/sputter and create spoonerisms e.g. instead of saying "Damn it, I just want some brown toast," they slur/sputter/talk 'n' laugh "Damn it, I just want some town broast...uh brown broast...ack..ah forget it!"

posted : 2006.Feb.13 @ 6.28am
1 : a sentient body relating to the infinite conditions of manifestation.

1 : a meme used to stimulate flow in a collectively projected form of space.
2 : overlapping thoughtforms in the fusion of two or more beings.

posted : 2006.Feb.15 @ 6.27pm
: remembering to be mindful

: little symbolic logo / icons linking the networks
: icons acting like the 'credit roll' of a design
or denoting the extention of a network involved

posted : 2006.Feb.17 @ 10.01pm

i really like your transformative definition work.
and i have to say, ness and nessence
are quickly becomming some of my favourite words

Beer Toast yaaay for the meta envokabulary

when you add "asis" to words
what do you mean?

i would love to see a glossary of podlinguistix


1. interspark - a meme used to stimulate flow in a collectively projected form of space


begending (celebreathel) - the paradox of beginning and ending

posted : 2006.Feb.17 @ 10.18pm
asis is dirived from "asus" (circa 1993)
My friends and I used to say things like "Dopeasus!"
We added "asus" to everything. It's kind of a multiplier.
More of whatever was said. Phong picked it up while visiting
with Ang and I, as we say it all the time.

His tweaks were to change the spelling to asis and add the " : "
to set it apart from the word. Perhaps the meaning of it's flow has altered
in his mind since then. We shall see Wink Regardless, it still has an unspoken
effect:asis that speaks to those who read or hear it.

... oh yeah.

- Crazier than crazy. (i.e. good)
First time I heard that was from Melo Yelo.
Grafitti writers often add "er" to words to for the
same reason we used "asus", to amplify them.

Example: "Have you seen Robert Venosa's work? Dude is crazer!"

posted : 2006.Feb.23 @ 3.55am
: as a tag to the end of a word indicating it's assistance.

IE. You are starving and parched out in the middle of a desert
and a woman named Eve rolls over the horizon in a car and gives you a lift...
Eve in this case is greeted as Eve:asis.

: as a tag to the end of a word indicating your acceptance of somthing as it is
reguardless of surrounding conditions.. asis = 'as is'

IE. Your friend Phong walks into the room incarnated in a human body
possibly having forgotten to wear trousers, which is more bizzare for you than it is for him.
It is polite in this case to greet him as 'phong:asis'
and accept his nature.

IE. You left your 'iced smoothie' in the sun for too long
and it has melted and is quite warm by the time you rediscover it.
Rather than lament it's previous nature, it is wise in this case to rename it 'smooth:asis'.

posted : 2006.Feb.23 @ 1.32pm
dork date :: getting together with friends/lovers for the purpose of working on your own individual or collective projects. usually computer related, but not entirely. you know you're on a dork date when you private message someone in the same room as you instead of talking to them.

as in :: the apodcalypse was such a wicked dork date! hanging out workin' on art, taggin' in with air, phong, xavi, and sandbag on the next level of the pod.

using audio chat programs like skype or googletalk has opened up a whole new level of dorkdatery, enabling dork dates where the other person doesn't even need to be in the same room/country.


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