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posted : 2005.Dec.08 @ 6.19pm
ness the manifestations of creative flow nessence - carey the unmanifest essense responsible for ness essentialism - soleil lore surrounding the manifestations of nessence 

posted : 2005.Dec.10 @ 9.18pm

a variety of communications between people, plants and planet

part of the ongoing world ecology saga metalogue
which embodies the relationships between all things on earth

posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 6.38pm
Greetings Podlings!!

Its XAVI's first post!

I just couldn't help but to drip some drops into the vocabuflow...
Here are todays crownloads...that is to say, 'downloads'!

1.envokabulary... the act of calling in new word forms

2. infinet... close relative of 'the ness', and alternative name for the internet

Smile greetings fora consciousness... X A V I

posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 11.37pm
portfoliage :: a thick and lush portfolio or body of artistic works

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 1.02pm
heres another one for your dome piece...

thoughtmosphere... similar to the noosphere,
its the collective atmosphere of thougths surrounding the earth and emmanating out into all dimensions...

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 5.46pm
well, don't forget withinfinite .:. i got that one from tha lady apples

i like kin:exus (nexus of kin - connects us)

to follow sexperience ... you might try checking out the sextion of the elfintome.

and of course, meta .:. from latin, and means beyond ... a noun, adjective or prefix, yo!

meta:logue .:. communication beyond communication (ie: this) (thanks delvin)
meta:symphonik .:. sound beyond music, or just beyond symphonik

also, you gotta love breaking words a:part to emphasize certain aspects of them... like art:iculate or all:ways or simply dream:scape

good thread!

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 6.49pm
I have been mentally time traveling to my past and
re-living fully immersive slices of of my previous flow. Sights, sounds,
even perception all stored somewhere in my ether and accessible to me.
I remember the feelings too and that is the powerful part. I have been able to tap into the
passions that I have had for various things along my life path, and in their original intensity.
Take karate for example. Exactly half my life ago when Ii was 16 I trained like a madman in Shotokan Karate.
Thousands and thousands of repetitions filled my earthship : XAVI word for the human body with some very
solid muscle memory subroutines. Recently I started training at home again and the rush of memory and
emotion was intense. It was like being the old me, the one who trained constantly and lived to bust out kata,
to be the doing. Using this experience as a template I have done this with other times and activities.
The trick is to hold the maximum passion for everything as if it was in that time where
you were most compelled by it.

: Gathering the full length and
contents of your linear timeline unto yourself in this moment to be experienced as one flow.

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 8.45pm
whoooooa, air, that one is so rock solid. i am floored. so relevant.

polyhereism .:. experiencing the allness of space (and matter) from all points and perspectives as one. and on that tip i've been liking the indra:net or the indra:web... you might have read allyson grey's artist biography? she talks about a hindu myth about Indra, the god of space. in indra's abode is an infinite web, connected by infinite jewels, all so finely polished that they reflect every other jewel and part of the web all at once. allyson dedicates her artistry to conveying that fractaline unity of polyhere.

and another elphintome inspiration .:. hyper:brary (one very extra special collection of books or other information). which of course leads to hyper:text (one very special piece of writing)


posted : 2005.Dec.14 @ 12.02pm
mad : ness
a quality of unhinged ness projection

posted : 2005.Dec.19 @ 8.43pm
this thread is sooo key.
such an evolutionary endeavour.
i've been using these words a lot lately.
thank you so much, podlings.

auto:poesis or auto:poetics: poetry which writes itself so as to communicate its own embedded intelligence. refers to language, words and poetry as self-organizing life forms with their own innate consciousness ... this one's from the lady apples though it's been floating through the thoughtmosphere for a while.

derived from autopoiesis. : (definition from principia cybernetica web) the process whereby an organization produces itself. An autopoietic organization is an autonomous and self-maintaining unity which contains component-producing processes. A cell, an organism, and perhaps a corporation are examples of autopoietic systems.

from eve :

"what metapoesis means. (aside from being a super meta event happening east of portland the weekend of august 4th...permaculture art life collaboratory in effect with some wykkd beats on the side)

autopoesis (the word upon which metapoesis is based) is the process of sustainable self-creation that is common to all living systems, from cells on up. For more of a download on this crazily mind-expanding concept check out Fritjof Capra's The Web of Life.

so if autopoesis is the process through which living systems continually re-create themselves over time and space, then metapoesis (as far as i can tell) would be the awareness within the system of this process and the incorporation of that awareness into the process itself.

in other words, we know we are continually creating ourselves and our reality and by allowing that knowing to inform and deepen our experience of that continual creative process, we are becoming metapoetic."

posted : 2005.Dec.26 @ 11.22pm
metapherse or metaphersal (silverbirch) .:. a universe made of metaphor, where everything is symbolic of, a metaphor for, and refers to everything else that is and is not. we all live in the metapherse, and i am going to see about generating a more metaphersal english language.

simplex or simplexity (from juda) .:. the paradox of complexity and simplicity

wordstorming (silverbirch) .:. the catalyzing and self-generating process of creating new word forms.

magnarvelous (pixie lee) .:. both magnificent and marvelous at the same time.

posted : 2006.Jan.03 @ 7.02am
poducation .:. education on the pod collective or other podular modes

posted : 2006.Jan.03 @ 1.20pm
psychedelicacy :: a rare and tasty visionary experience


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