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posted : 2005.Nov.17 @ 10.31am
Sines and Singularities
Hey funky kids, it's that time of year again.
Somehow I managed to wrangle another album out of the ether.

I've got track samples and copies available on our website at

Hope people like this one!
The "official" release info is below:

"Aleph Zero is proud to present the second highly anticipated Bluetech album. Sines and Singularities offers a step forward in Bluetech's unmistakable and distinct emotional spacey sound, and shows an evolved Bluetech character. Extensive touring since his last album led Evan in explorations of new realms of sonic structures. The outcome of these physical journeys is a spiritual musical inward deep dive that unfolds and penetrates new dimensions in Bluetech musical persona, exposing more of his unique sound-constructed emotional reflections of the world. Diverse and colorful, this amazing album offers a more complete perspective from different angles of the Bluetech sound, and flirts with the more danceable side of downtempo music, while remaining a fundamentally relaxed and soothing experience. It includes interpretations to Pitch Black & Shulman."

Evan Bluetech

posted : 2005.Nov.17 @ 12.08pm
so epic; it's been a pleasure to catch snippets here and there, but finally hearing the whole album together blew me away. i'm psyched to grab a copy of this one. wicked cover art by Sijay James of onbeyond metamedia.

amazing music from an exceptional being!

posted : 2005.Nov.17 @ 2.24pm
collective perception
through blue

enter the lovely of
waveform conscious:ness
extending one precisely oscilliating nature
by creatively refracting the feelings of human
into podular nuggets for download.

from engaging the creative forces
grows this audiable condition of blue:ness

these projecting perceptions of balance
injected audially cause
sweet clear shimmers of bliss:asis.

as through myriad worlds
of children, insects and mice,
cuts the voice of a bird,
as playful and kind-

these perceptions are ours to share
like a clear day's sky.

appealing to a biology
inherant in the nature of hearing-
a sweet clear rapture is delivered to all ears,
substantiating our one:ness
through the sharing of blue:asis.

posted : 2005.Nov.17 @ 9.13pm
Bluetech at Kava Lounge S.D.


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