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posted : 2005.Nov.11 @ 11.26am

let us grow abundantly, in relationship to each other, all beings accounted for, in this wild foray of meta:galactic beauty called life.

>> ocean water renewable energy source?

>> light science explores deep ecology

posted : 2005.Dec.11 @ 7.17pm
terence mckenna's classic plant planet plan to create a sustainable human culture using plant metaphor!

posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 5.08pm
whoa, those first two posts were made on 11:11

and the last one was made on 12:11 exactly one month later!

and this one is 12:12

(lovin it)

posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 5.56pm
permaculturing people?
permaculturing the planet?

indeed one of the keys
to saving the wildered ecology of our homeworld
is to embrace permaculture
as the return path into a sustianable relationship
to the healing and detoxification
of our world

i like the
it brings links home and portals throughout
the global gaian networks

loving the links

posted : 2006.Jan.20 @ 8.25pm
tha goodness is tha sweetness
announcing tha newest elvish ness
from tha delvishness

star:seed visionary design is honoured to illuminate
a washed and re:newed portal for permaculture
and sustainable pathways
chronicling the many pedalled pathways
of this meta poly:project in permaculture
and sustainbility education

posted : 2007.Apr.29 @ 10.28pm
wow, does this thread ever deserve to be revisited!

silverbirch boughs low

light science is honoured to deepen the
and evolution
through a diad of luminous new life drops
from delvin solkinson

permaculturing futures

the new science of sustainability

posted : 2009.Jan.19 @ 10.02pm

I was really inspired by this guy Rob Hopkins in England!!! 

posted : 2009.Jul.05 @ 8.13pm


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