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posted : 2009.Oct.10 @ 7.21pm

posted : 2009.Oct.12 @ 3.10pm

No it's not Halloween yet, just me wearing some Capitol Hill camouflage.






posted : 2009.Oct.14 @ 12.55pm

I feel severely under-dressed, Erik Smile



Fall in London (hence the overall colour)

posted : 2009.Oct.17 @ 7.25pm

dmaniac- you actually look severely overdressed to me. but thats because I'm from wisconsin.. Smile


anyway... here is one of me..



I've posted on the fora a bit, but I never really introduced myself. so... I'm anthony. looking forward to learning here.

posted : 2009.Oct.26 @ 12.15pm
self podrait

posted : 2009.Oct.26 @ 12.18pm

D-Man, that is lush Smile

Guys, make sure you have borders on your images.

Dirty mirrors = bad, and if there's a toilet in your pic you may want to rubber stamp it out.


Just sayin'.

posted : 2009.Oct.26 @ 6.12pm

I agree that Dman's picture is perfectly feeling like fall - nice shot.

How about some seasonal selfs from all?

Here's my Fall/Halloween spooky drop. 

You are what you eat. 





posted : 2009.Oct.27 @ 10.16am

a little bit of fun this morning



posted : 2009.Oct.27 @ 4.32pm

Psybe, great inside on yourself... 3d eye and all! Good stuff Smile


Erik, you are giving me chills, man! This is wa-ay dramatic even for Halloween. he-he (and i fell like doing something similar now!).


I love dirty windows (just ask my girlfriend), but they look sad on the photos.


posted : 2009.Oct.28 @ 7.24am

Dman, this is such a nice photo of you.  

posted : 2009.Nov.09 @ 10.57am




My Other side  : Kala


posted : 2009.Nov.09 @ 1.31pm


Kala, the Shamanic Warrior Princess!

That head piece is insane!  Did you make it and what kind of skull is on it? 

posted : 2009.Nov.10 @ 7.16am

Thank You Smile

I made it.  It's held together by leather, stitching, and glue.  I found the cat skull in the woods.  I still have the cat jaw bones I'm going to put on the sides of the headdress. 


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