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posted : 2009.Feb.24 @ 2.43am
phong at the dreamberry

posted : 2009.Feb.24 @ 8.05am


Swedish Forest Ritual


Inner Self-portrait, to remember


posted : 2009.Feb.28 @ 1.29pm
two of us

posted : 2009.Mar.07 @ 4.10am

Geo(Viradical) + Phong

Dreamberry, BC, Canada

Feb. 2009


Geo + Phong

posted : 2009.Mar.09 @ 12.03pm

posted : 2009.Mar.10 @ 2.56pm

My response to that is...




posted : 2009.Mar.13 @ 11.08pm

I thought this would be an apropriet thread for my first post. 

Hello everyone! Here's what I got.... 



Viva johnM  

By: Ryan Johnson (

This was the first time anyone did a portrait for me, I use this one as a personal brand logo. 


 Flattering portrait done by a friend of mine George Atherton (

 Space Wizard 

By: George Atherton (Geo) - 

This is a flattering portrait given to me as an xmas present, one of my favorites.  


Mr. M

Here is one of my alter ego's, as you can tell he is very grumpy most of the time.


JandM  Me and Marisa

This was only shot recently in Sedona, Az. A random photographer wanted to take our picture.  

posted : 2009.Mar.16 @ 12.10am

That is classic, Air. I love it.

That is a great shot, Poxin. It has a nice Jim Morrison vibe. 

Welcome to the Fora, John. Nice Imagery, but one of the links is broken. Can you repost it? 







posted : 2009.Mar.30 @ 9.14pm

posted : 2009.Apr.19 @ 2.23pm

Good morning Podfellows!




>>Just some webcam shots glued together with some extra spice. <<


(a quick hello) i'm taking the train across the continent tomorrow!



posted : 2009.Jun.07 @ 10.58pm



posted : 2009.Jun.11 @ 6.44pm
Old Me. ha.

posted : 2009.Oct.02 @ 2.13pm

Wanna Listen Together?


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