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posted : 2009.Feb.08 @ 4.32pm

I'm sick as a dog right now so I thought I would utilize my current state in a self.


posted : 2009.Feb.08 @ 9.37pm

Air from the darkness, get better soon bro!


I don't think i posted this one yet, which seems silly, if I did somewhere already, well, oh well!


posted : 2009.Feb.08 @ 11.20pm

Poxin that last one is simply beautiful man! The mood is crying out to me....



posted : 2009.Feb.09 @ 12.39am

posted : 2009.Feb.09 @ 12.05pm

All of these are great!

Stoked to have old masters and new blood breathing life into the fora!

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 6.27am

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 6.00pm

pod celestial triad

phong xavi delvin




posted : 2009.Feb.17 @ 12.44am

Epic Pod Triadic!


Different steez comin' at'cha.

... and I sayz, "Cheerz to y'all!"


posted : 2009.Feb.18 @ 7.08pm

hey you guys! it's been a long ass time.





posted : 2009.Feb.18 @ 7.31pm

Wow!  Intense light.... and facial expression.

Super stoked to have your work in the fora again.

What gave you the idea for this one and what did you use to take it?

posted : 2009.Feb.18 @ 9.07pm

thanks air. i did this for a class assignment, we all drew words from a hat and had to make a photo that depicts the word. tomorrow we are all going to have to guess what the words were. this photo is not the one I'm showing in class, I don't think it really depicts my word, which was ANGER. I have some much angrier shots, they're kind of silly. it's a one off thing.


I borrowed a 1DSMKIII to shoot it (aka darth vader doom canon) and used a strobe with a soft box directly above. there was a reflector on the ground. fun times Smile 

posted : 2009.Feb.18 @ 10.03pm

That is so cool.  You have moved from the realm of take it as it comes into very deliberate territory.

Your understanding (and vocabulary) are expanding rapidly.  I look forward to learning from you.

posted : 2009.Feb.22 @ 9.52am

Melo - i think this photo is great. I wish for a bit more light from below, but it's just a small thing. It's good and artistic in any way. Good stuff.


I have a much simpler pic of myself. This one is taken after I got Greg Simkins's Art Brochure, sent to me by Gfro, who incidentally has just become a father for the 2nd time.

Dude is unstoppable Smile Congrats to him!


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