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posted : 2004.Sep.11 @ 4.00pm

posted : 2004.Sep.11 @ 5.11pm
last night...
(image no longer hosted)

posted : 2004.Sep.11 @ 7.59pm

posted : 2004.Sep.12 @ 8.16am
you, you, people... how wonderful! all these posts!!! me, i want to post too... Laughing

digital impression of myself

posted : 2004.Sep.13 @ 2.35pm

(such a big nose *cry*)

posted : 2004.Sep.16 @ 5.32am
Digital-Quantum State

posted : 2004.Sep.16 @ 9.38pm
i can almost make your face out, sahar Laughing nice! i thought i'd see something like this in dig.manipuleted... but, hey, if this is the way u see yourself, power to ya!!! Shocked Cheers

Katherine, are you sure you reside on Earth?!!! Spectacular Exclamation

posted : 2004.Sep.16 @ 10.44pm
Cheers, Katheryn! Your self portraits are inspirational (and I like your scarf). Very Happy

posted : 2004.Sep.17 @ 6.12am
Those are wonderful Ang! (Beautiful Woman) I like your choice of backdrops. The warm lighting in the first one is especially yummy to me. I too like your new hat! Smile

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 6.23am

I was dirty and tired so obviously it was time for a self.
The unglamorous ones are always liberating. Nice pics, all!

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 7.02am
That is beautiful Air. For some reason this picture really touches me. Perhaps it is due to your being tired. You look vulnerable which is to be completely open.

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 4.54pm
A tweak here and there, nothing terribly fancy.

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 6.45pm

been taking a ton of pics of myself lately....not sure exactly what that means. Smile


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