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posted : 2004.Aug.09 @ 6.35pm

~ Vibe ~

posted : 2004.Aug.11 @ 10.33pm

posted : 2004.Aug.12 @ 3.55am
Full of delightful Rychardness. Way cool. Me likey.

posted : 2004.Aug.16 @ 3.52pm

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 10.47am
I wish I were as spiritual - very lovely , sean! U da Guru... now, there's a question Question ... of WHAT!? Twisted Evil

Here's my "spiritual" self-P, off the triPODness he-he and my friend's sleepy cat.

RYCHARD - awesome catch!!! like

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 2.08pm
Oh, yeah! moving to Canada!!! you go, fleshcandie!!! Pulsing Love Pulsing Love Pulsing Love

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 6.44pm
How do you do?

I'm Halcyon, and I'm new here. Amazing talent flying through this digital play pen.

I'm DEEP in my Burning Man prep, so my time online is short. I shoudl have nice photos when I return. In the meantime, here is a self portrait from last night as I was assembling playa costumes...

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 8.51pm
Mumbai - That first shot looks like me. Weird. Very Happy

A couple:

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 9.08pm
Hey Halcyon! Welcome to the Fora. Wonderful to see you and have your positive, fun and creative self in this "digital play pen". Smile

posted : 2004.Aug.27 @ 7.15pm
You guys all rock!!! Rock This thread is beautimus!

Here's a bootleg image from the VH-1 Behind The Fora Special that's airing next week.

posted : 2004.Sep.04 @ 12.54am

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 12.34am

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 8.45pm
How many "me staring into my computer" pics can we make?


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