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posted : 2005.Oct.25 @ 8.01pm
This is simply one of the most amazing stories I have ever read & viewed ,
an amazing photo essay of the Chernobyl disaster, with photos of the site and surrounding landscape by a young lady named Elena who rides her Ninja through the "Dead Zone" of the now abandoned area of Chernobyl, taking pictures, explaning about radiation, what happend at Chernobyl causing the accident, and what it is like now. simply frightening, beautiful and heart grabbing.

Every human on earth should have to see, and read this story, so we never forget
the devastating possibilities of Nuclear power that can happen in the blink of an eye.
I highly commend this unbelieveable soul for her bravery and effort.




more of her stories>>>

I would love to hear your responses to this .......

posted : 2005.Oct.25 @ 8.19pm
I had seen that on another site, HM. Great piece.
It's interesting to actually see the place. I had no idea it was so affected.
The world is full of madmen playing a game of greed and violence fueled by fear.

posted : 2005.Oct.25 @ 8.28pm
yes, it tears me apart inside to try and understand how it has gone so wrong at the top
of those who call themselves our leaders.
it is right at the end of our noses yet they refuse to look at it.

and the story has such a calming effect the way she writes it, it is poetry from a female heart, you can hear the quietness as you see and read.
to me it is perfect, I wish it were a Documentary.



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