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posted : 2005.Oct.15 @ 1.53pm
Every Wednesday and Sunday the wrinkle palace lays down the funky grooves, and chill moves. It's time for wrinkle jams. The summer stopped a great deal of the jamming, but now with the return of fall, school, and work everyone returns to the wrinkle oasis. A few of us are gathering together to form a band, but on the whole the wrinkle palace is all about the moment. Improvising the groove, and channeling the smooth.

Dream, create, and share. Thats what we do here.

Here is some of what we were up to recently.

The wrinkle crew lays down a funky warm up number. Atalay puts down a mad guitar groove and i fallow it up on the drums, getting the blood glowing as we let loose. Lovely sloan discovers her voice. Things get seriously funky here.

>> Wrinkle Funk

Sloan lays down some vocal soul, while Atalay and i continue the funky groove. Blake and a few others can be herd vocalizing it up in the background as everyone gets wiggly to the entrance of bass action. It ends up exploding into a fast paced funkadelic rock out. Finally winding down into a thick gooy groove.

>> Wiggly Grooves

Atalay developes a mad headache as the weather takes a shift outside. The pressure drop brings out a smooth funkajazz number as i chill on the drums little. Lovely sarah takes the vocals and lets out a load of beauty into the dimly lit, smoke filled jam space. We all fall silent.

>> Rainy Day Head Pain

The guitar groove continues on as i discover a chill marching beat, walking us out of a valley as Blake takes over the vocals and sings of funkadelic, telepathic groovitations. Wrinkle Wednesday is in full effect.

>> Wrinkle Wednesday

Sloan hops on vocals and lifts the air into a Yerba Mate inspired groove. The pace picks up a little and then we quickly find a heavy head bobbing stomp. Sloan hits new highs and everyone gets chills. Oh so goood.....fall fall fall fall. Easily my favoret of the jam.

>> Yerba Mate


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