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posted : 2005.Oct.12 @ 6.43pm

Here are some visual pieces to show



Constructed Oblivion II Night Night Bazaar


posted : 2006.Nov.29 @ 10.50pm

bleep bloop new entry







Kate's Forest




Crossed Legs



with love and in gratitude Sylvain

posted : 2006.Nov.30 @ 5.17am
Keep blasting the NESS!
There is lots of creativity here.

Tweaking the rainbow of scenic archetypes
will benefit the gross effect of your work.

I'll smoke a bowl for you

posted : 2007.Apr.09 @ 3.02pm

Thanks Phong... here's a little bit of the new stuff, taking the paint out for a spin. The prodigal podling sez thanks... cave wall on canvas

a floating head...

posted : 2007.Aug.26 @ 6.20pm
a bit of an update...merci beaucoup body parts in blue pretty digital

posted : 2007.Aug.27 @ 6.18am
Is that first of the three new pieces oil or acrylic? It's very nice! The movement of the hand holding the tube is a cool effect. Also, some of the wrapping and lines look like oliver vernon. That froggy has a gnarly tongue!

posted : 2007.Aug.28 @ 7.40pm
thank you Agape! It is painted in acrylic, my painting medium of choice. for now... Oliver Vernon rocks the house. His pieces are very sensuous...and adventurous. There's something in his manner that I want to adopt, you notice. Still working on my own voice! This next one has my room included...I thought it was a nice 'frame' a shark that flies

posted : 2007.Aug.28 @ 11.31pm
Dude, that is tripped out...(!)

posted : 2007.Oct.17 @ 7.02am

Thanks Agape!

lifestyle -a real gazer self transformation currency something to look at... IV music prizm (incomplete)two birds ascending into heaVY TENDRILS

posted : 2007.Oct.17 @ 9.41am
Proof of Life~!

You appear to be merging different creative paths, wisdoms and techniques!
The sign of true respect and devotion to the multitudinous emotional frequencies.
I will push deeper too~

Love merges~

posted : 2007.Oct.31 @ 7.10pm
Thank you Agape ~ I love it some kind of electric mandala a field - a sky

posted : 2007.Nov.22 @ 9.36pm
Press Record a smile in the ether Music Prizm  two birds rising into the heavy a close up view of my restaurant show Thanks all!

posted : 2007.Dec.16 @ 7.07pm
trekking further...careful now. flowers and a kingflowers a fun and funky ride through space and time


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