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posted : 2008.Feb.05 @ 8.52pm
works in progresswell hello everyone! these are works in progress the right one moreso actually ...the left one is called 'lazy-crazy'

posted : 2008.Feb.06 @ 7.00am
lazy-crazy! I like the natural pattern of this.
it's clear that you had a good deal of fun while manifest it, that's good to see!

very expressive of.... something...

posted : 2008.Feb.09 @ 7.34am
truck catching a building thank you phong *** yup yup, took a lot of fun to make that one

posted : 2008.Feb.12 @ 4.40am

close up of a cosmic gear

posted : 2008.Feb.12 @ 6.23am
I can't help but see some nifty biochemical patterns in the last piece Sylvain.
Have you made any mandalas with these sort of patterns or spiraling superstructures?

Thanks for the elvin download!

posted : 2008.Feb.12 @ 6.49am
why thanks agape Smile i've thought about making mandalas on larger paper. they would be very pretty. with big space, lots of good possibilities. spiraling superstructures? i think i'll try for the more attainable stuff first, but who knows what unknowns i might come across in my visual arts wanderings?

posted : 2008.Apr.05 @ 10.13pm

I want to take this space to express a deep apology to the pod. My behavior has been unhinged at times, and Because I respect you all, and myself, I put this forward humbly and will continue to try to live up to the good energy that illuminates this space. with love and thanks

posted : 2009.Mar.03 @ 5.55pm

what am I doing? oh snap, well better get on with it.


lazy crazy :donzors . plus, sorry I been away so long, I needed some sleep. (oh yes

also, working on accessing my ftp account again so I can post some of my juicy tidbits!)


lazy crazy
i gave this to a friend, regards if you read this Beth

thank you for this space to introduce my passions.


posted : 2009.Mar.10 @ 1.13pm
great work sylvain!
wonderful to have you back, brother.
let me know if you need ftp help / hosting.

posted : 2010.Apr.01 @ 4.55pm

time passes//


a stitched up painting

 The Dynamics of Destiny - 2008 Stitched in 2010



lots of little squares in a large rectangle


Pixels - 2009 24" x 48"


an expression of abstract space out of my mind style


untitled (volcano) - 2009 24"x 48"


posted : 2010.May.01 @ 7.57pm
in the not so distant past//

a few charcoal flourishes on a black background

Untitled (nebula) 2008 

a few forms Untitled - 2008

vertical piece, horizontal wind, pieces of algae

Bounce - 2009

posted : 2010.May.12 @ 1.07pm
I love this. Sweet piece. Love how the background makes the objects in the foreground seem to be sitting still while everything else is in motion. Bounce indeed.


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