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posted : 2005.Sep.17 @ 7.37am
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A message posted by Lorin on

I am pleased to announce the coming of my first actual CD release

BASSNECTAR: Mesmerizing The Ultra

This has been years in the making, and finally, I am able to attempt to get my music out not only to my fellow beatfreak nutters, but also to people all over the gaff…in actual stores (Amoeba, Virgin, Tower, Streetlight, etc), through an actual distributor (Fontana – Universal) on an actual label (Amorphous – a subsidiary of Organic).

The theme of this music is the thick churning heartbeat of resistance; the force that supercedes human drama and political failures…and sound textures that hypnotize, mesmerize, enchant, pervert, twist, hug, laugh, and contemplate.

I wanted to paint pictures of audio that portray all sorts of moods and circumstances. Some of the tunes are raunchy, grinding monsters, some of them are sweet lullabies, but all are intended to touch you in one way or another.

Here’s the plot:

This is a double disc. Disc one is all unreleased freakmusic…loads of collaborations (Buckethead, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Freq Nasty, Sayr, Suga, Sunru, Jahi, Kyrian of the Fungineers, Nickoftime, and a few others) and myriad styles and feel. Disc two is pretty much the same tracklist as Diverse Systems of Throb, but all the tracks have been fully mastered and PIMPED, and there is a bonus track as well, the Bassnectar remix of Heavyweight Dub Champion’s Arrival featuring KRS ONE. ...The bonus is that the CD will be priced as a single CD (around 13-15$)

As I said before, this is the first time Bassnectar is being officially distributed, and can be purchased in stores.

If you wish to support me, here is how you can do so:

First off, PLEASE do not burn this CD for your friends. I burn loads of music, but the stuff I love or want to support I DO NOT BURN, and if I do, I make contributions and support to the artist. The irony for me is that while I could make more money (and HELL YES I need more of that shit…spent two arms and three legs on this production) selling the CD on my website, I actually need people to buy it from stores, retail, (like Twoer, Amoeba, Virgin, Streetlight, etc) online digital distribution (like Amazon and iTunes), etc. This will allow me to establish a presence in the real world of the music biz, and hopefully empower me to put out more music in the future. (I already have almost 20 brand new tracks to spank folks with on the tour this fall/winter).

Also, please spread the word. This is an underground, grassroots effort, and encapsulates a lot more intention than just fat music, or cool party styles…. I am offering myself to the global community of peace and justice and this process of networking, production and travel is one way I am building myself and those around me in order to maximize our efficiency in affecting social change.
If you wish to help in anyways, please contact me:

I hope you enjoy the music.
May You Be Nourished.


Lorin is amazing. You must see this man live.
Well, this will give you a good idea of what it's like...

Watch the new video >> Everybody
Bassnectar MP3s >> LINK

posted : 2005.Sep.17 @ 7.58pm
I just bought his CD. Great, great stuff!

posted : 2005.Oct.28 @ 7.08am
The album is awesome.
It's been rocking my car for weeks!

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