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posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 6.59pm

amazing shots.

thank you.

It has been a harsh adjustment for me this year since returning.
The world, and some personal tragedy, made the bliss-to-base transition hard.
But I'm close to emerging. Thanks for such a tasty mouthfull of memories.
And thanks for the glowing playa hugs, too. ((HUG))

posted : 2005.Sep.11 @ 9.14am
... and a few night shots.

posted : 2005.Sep.11 @ 1.39pm
OMG, the one thing i didnt do was night shots. Having viewed these masterpieces, i don't have to. You've managed to capture all the nights, spirits and ghosts.

Beautiful, stunning.

Much love

Missin your presense in the physical good freind

posted : 2005.Sep.11 @ 2.47pm
all I can say is holy fuck, again and again.

wicked perspective air.

doktor J

posted : 2005.Sep.12 @ 2.19am
yar! great pics air, the nightlife can sleep safe in your archive.

Elvish Air // looking beyond the future

A Lady Angel // light being to help you smile

Titty-totter // please remove your top and take a lift

Flying man // in the eternal moment

Cyclesis // will save your feet

Solielatonin // just being

Coming together // into Michealness

Community post-its // can you spot the pod flyer?

Sakurasis // balancing the sexes

Adelay // living in the spirit

Snuff-a-luff-a-bus // only on the playa

Dreadalay // fashioning the wealth of cells past

posted : 2005.Sep.12 @ 10.10pm
Black Rock City is an interesting place;

The people are very friendly;

The art is unreal;

There are parties all day;

A firework show every Saturday;

And the sunsets are incredible;

But the sunrises are much, much better;

Yeah, I'm definately going back...

posted : 2005.Sep.13 @ 4.53pm

posted : 2005.Sep.13 @ 8.27pm!!!

Best visual post I remeber

Exclamation BLISS Exclamation

I must say, everyone contributed and this is sooo great. Just to add, Air, you were a man on a mission!!! And you sure pulled it out! WOW, podbrother!!!...

posted : 2005.Sep.18 @ 11.30pm
I didn't take this pic, but I like it and it belongs in this thread.

posted : 2005.Sep.26 @ 11.52am
visual treats gone overload Very Happy - i've missed too much, this thread is awesome.Cheers Cheers to everyone

posted : 2005.Oct.04 @ 2.41pm
here's some pics, i'm just capturing the last of the video, will post clips soon ...

poxin and phong hauling the world axis

posted : 2005.Oct.10 @ 11.25pm

My camera corrupted this image in an aesthetically pleasing manner (most pictures were not this lucky):

Click for a closeup.

posted : 2006.Jan.19 @ 1.18pm
The whole advernture looks like enormous fun, i have got to get myself there one of these days.


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