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posted : 2005.Aug.24 @ 12.49pm
A perfect freezer meal. It is best combined with rice and green tea.



What is Croquette?

The croquette or croquet (kroket in Dutch) is a popular
snack in the Netherlands. A croquette is a fried snack
shaped like a thick sausage. A croquette is crunchy and
hard on the outside, but very soft and smooth on the
inside. Right after frying the inside can be very hot.

Each year 300 million croquettes are sold in the
Netherlands (about 18 per person), making it the
second favorite snack, only surpassed by the frikadel,
a minced-meat hot dog, which sells about 580 million
each year. This number does not include those
croquettes fried and eaten by consumers at home,
likely to number millions as well.

As the croquette sells so well in the Netherlands,
suppliers have often tried to market and sell it in
other countries, but have failed, even in neighbouring
countries like Belgium and Germany. It is
suggested this is because of the strange contrast
between the outside and inside of the croquette and
its junk food nature. The only foreign locations in which
the croquette sells well are places that attract scores
of Dutch tourists, such as the Costa del Sol. Potato
croquettes, however, are quite popular in some parts
of Germany. In Japanese cuisine, a relative of the
croquette, known as korokke ( コロッケ ) is a popular
fried-food item, but is generally patty-shaped and
vegetarian, and served with chopped cabbage and a
sweet sauce.


The croquette was actually a French invention, and
was introduced in the Netherlands at the start of the
20th century. In 1909, the Dutch patissier Kwekkeboom
came across a fried ragout filled croquette in France
on one of his travels. The French used all sorts of
fillings to make their croquettes: various kinds of
meat, fish, vegetables, and potatoes. Kwekkeboom
introduced the croquette in the Netherlands and
started producing croquettes filled with good-quality

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Idea Ingredients for Potato & Curry Croquette

Note: Quantity will be posted soon.

Arrow Milk (1 cup)
Arrow Butter (a stick)
Arrow Onion (x4 )
Arrow Potato (x8 )
Arrow Ground Beef
Arrow Bread Crumb (2 bags)
Arrow Nutmeg
Arrow Eggs (x8 )
Arrow Corn (x4 )
Arrow Flour (2-3cups)
Arrow Olive Oil
Arrow Salt
Arrow Pepper
Arrow Oriental Curry Powder (must be purchased in asian grocery store)
Arrow BullDog Vegetable Sauce (must be purchased in asian grocery store)

Arrow Cooking procedures

Arrow Bring the water to boil and put potatos. Adding a few table spoons of salt will speed up the boiling process.

Arrow While you're boiling the potatoes, on a separate pot, cook the corn till it becomes soft.

Arrow Boil till the potatos become soft. You can stick a chop stick or fork into the potatos to see if it's done. It usually takes a good 1/2 hours for a apartment grade electric stove. The skin of the potatoes should be cracked.

Arrow The potatoes are then taken out of the pot, leave them out for a few minutes to dehydrate. Peel the skin either by hands or with a knife, put them in a bowl and mash.

Arrow Put a stick of butter into a glass bowl with a few tea spoons of salt, microwave for one minute. Stir the melted butter and pour it into the mashed potato. Mix a cup of milk as well as some pepper into the mashed potato. Cover the bowl and leave it aside.

Arrow When the corn is soft, take them out and cut them off into a small bowl. Saran rap it and leave it aside.

Arrow Peel onions and dice them into very small chunks. Put them in two separate bowls and cover.

Arrow Take the ground beef out, flatten it with a knife. Pour nutmeg, salt, and pepper over the ground beef. A few words about using nutmeg, it is better to mix with meat when it's in the raw form. Adding nutmeg during the saute process will yield less aromatic meat.

Arrow Mix with bare hands and split them into two parts, wrap it with aluminum foil and put them aside.

Arrow By now, you should have two of each ingredients in separate container or tray.

------------------------------------------------------------ take a break!

Preparing the filling

Arrow Pour a good amount of olive oil on a pan, heat till the oil starts to smoke.

Arrow Put the first batch of the diced onion into the pan, saute until the onion becomes translucent.

Arrow Put the first batch of seasoned ground beef into the pan and saute untill it's thoroughly cooked. Add salt and pepper to season further until the entire dish is a bit saltier. Because this will be mixed with lots of potatoes, you want to make the beef a bit on a saltier side.

Arrow This is how it looks like.. not too appetizing.. but you'll see soon!

Arrow When the beef is cooked and mixed well, put everything into the bowl for further combination with other ingredients.

Arrow Add mashed potato and corn into the mixture.

Arrow Finally, mix them all together and season with salt and pepper to adjust the balance. I prefer on the saltier side, they simply taste better.

Arrow Wrap with freezer paper or put it in a container, and store aside. Any method of storage as long as you can keep the moisture of the mix.

--------This marks the end of making potato croquette filling.

Arrow Repeat the same for the second batch of ingredients only this time, you're going to make the curry croquette to accomodate the sweeter potato croquette. They go perfect toghether!

Arrow Again, cook till the onion becomes translucent and aromatic.

Arrow Again, add your second batch of seasoned meat.

Arrow Only this time, you'll be adding the curry powder. Keep adding the powder and mix well in low heat, keep tasting until the taste is preferred. Remember to add your curry seasoning a bit on a heavier side, for that this will be added with mashed potatoes and can result in reduced flavor. This really depends on personal preference, so just keep tasting as you go until you feel the flavor is rich.

Arrow That looks so delicious. Laughing

Arrow Add your other mashed potato and corn, and mix well. Oh, if you love garlic, don't forget to add some juice. This will make the curry even stronger in taste. Garlic Juice from Mccormick. Click here to see this convenient product.

Arrow Wrap or put it in a tray, clean up the kitchen tops for that you'll need some area to start the next step. I usually take a break here and let them cool off a little.

Arrow Unwrap the potato Croquette, split them into a ball just slightly bigger than an egg. I make them small so it's faster to cook through in vegetable oil. You can make about 22 Croquette for each potato and curry variation.

Arrow Continue with curry filling.

Arrow Put a few cups of flour into a tray and cover all fillings indivisually. Make sure you cover the ball with generous amount of flour.

Arrow Prepare a bowl of bread crumb, and beated eggs in a separate bowl as shown. You'll also need an extra tray for the completed Croquette.

Arrow Use a large spoon to roll around the ball, cover entirely with egg.

Arrow When all covered, put it in the bowl of bread crumb. Use your hands to cover the ball with breadcrumb thoroughly..

Arrow The process.

Arrow Package them with wraps and put them in the freezer for storing.

Arrow The completely frozen state of Croquette.

Arrow Prepare a pot of vegetable oil and bring the temperature to approximately 320 F.

Arrow The frying process. Be cautious with oil and do not over heat. There is a risk of serious injury involved with using oil so take every precautions necessary to avoid explosion, which is a result of water coming in contact with in a hot oil. JUST BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN USING HIGH TEMPERATURE OIL.

Arrow Remember that you're frying something that is frozen. You need to fry in low heat for at least 15 minutes before raising the temperature. When Croquette is dipped into high temperature oil, the bread crumb can fry up into dark parts.. and will ruin the Croquette while it's still ice inside. Be sure to fry it for at least 15 minutes in low heat (approx. 320F)

posted : 2006.Feb.04 @ 11.34am
I'm going to chinatown today to see if i can find some of the more exotic ingredients. If so, i'm going to try this recipe and post the results soon.

posted : 2006.Feb.04 @ 1.50pm
Nori, thanks for the in depth procedure. The pics are great. Really helps to see what it is supposed to look like when making it!

posted : 2006.Feb.05 @ 12.40pm
No luck on finding the oriental curry powder or bulldog vegetable sauce. Crying or Very sad

posted : 2006.Sep.29 @ 8.55pm
Hi Jamberi,

If you can find a Japanese supermarket, there are greater chances that the store will carry both the curry powder and the bulldog sauce. Assuming that you're living in SF, you can visit (Nijiya) which is the same store I go to here in socal. I get much of my ingredients there aside from VONS.

Good luck!

P.S. For Sandbag...

My croquettes at 12 mega pixel (interpolated) Laughing

P.P.S... Air, Phong, Xavi; I'm back now Very Happy I'm sorry for the broken images.


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