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posted : 2005.Aug.24 @ 2.07am
So I spent the last few days ( aug.10-aug.22 )
visiting my brother in the Dominican Republic.

The flavour here is spanish africans eating italian food.
Arriving with no plans or expectations,
I shortly found myself in rice and beans heaven,
drinking coconuts and splashing off a windsurfing board.

Here is what I saw in the meantime:

welcome to the caribbean // 38,000' high

fresh arrival // hotel naco

canadian traveller // brother brad

bus station bardo // santo domingo

waiting for the bus // to wisk them away

"I give you good deals" // shoe sale

on edge // but not too serious

This Hatian fellow I sat next to on the gua.gua
(a mini-van filled with ~10-15 people)
was fluent in spanish, french and english.
He left Haiti because "...the situation was too mad."

3 pepes, 1 seat // 3 dollar gua.gua ride

cool camera // random encounter

little germany // cabarete

This fellow was quite intent on selling me paintings
until my camera came out and he found out I was from Canada...
a gazed face and mellow vibes ensued.

"canada good country" // cabaretite

sunny smiles // in the street

"what, you want my portrait?" // loco matic

beast of burden // spanning the paradigms

"for you, special price" // attack of the proactive salesmen

he put the necklace on me without saying a word

"what are you lookin at?" // baked gaze

These dudes wander all over the place
attempting to sell mostly pirated CDs
to most anybody who gives them eye contact.

'those dollar signs on your forehead' // jaced face

These shoe shining kids were intent on me soliticiting their services
even after they saw I was wearing sandals.

"one food piece you give me?" // hungry shoe shiners busting beach styles

chillin in the vibe // vendor of fine arts

wave riding devices // surf shop

the beach scene // as seen from a restaurant

"is that all you got?" // domino samurai

Dominicans are pretty serious about their dominos-
apparently their technique is excellent.

"lets go" // domino samurai

"you going to lie there all day?" // seeker of agua

beach flow // moving to san souci

weathered foot // one with the sandal

fallen coco // rolling in the waves

deep fried nevar // too gross for my biology

this is more like it // beach cafe pitu

looking west // as the sun sinks

fishing boats // bobbing on sea waves

I'm pooped // more later

>> the flow continues...

posted : 2005.Aug.24 @ 10.39am
i really like "this is more like it"
and "chillin in the vibe"

coconuts. tasty tasty coconuts.
it's good to know brad is having good times

you're such a pretty little monkey! <3


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