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index « audial « Utah Rave Busted by cops/soldiers/dogs/helicopters, etc.

posted : 2005.Aug.22 @ 2.36pm
This is pretty disturbing stuff that I think is important for people to see...

Evidently the police in Utah felt they had to shut a rave down by using soldiers (or police in soldier outfits) and helicopters... You can read the story here:;f=8;t=000751;p=1#000012

but most disturbing is to see the video of the unsuspecting ravers suddenly being overwhelmed by soldiers... and then getting beaten up by them.

While I've heard reports of things like that in the past, I haven't seen any video... just thought the community should see whats going on... Crying or Very sad

posted : 2005.Aug.23 @ 3.58pm
I have never seen such blatent distruction of this country, in our face,as what has happened since this administration took power.

wonder if the troops know this is the kind of freedom they are fighting to uphold these days.

pretty scary times we live in,this madness must stop.


posted : 2005.Aug.23 @ 5.24pm
fuck yeah. its scary as hell. There are many other links now with sound, I just posted this as soon as I saw it since it gave me chills... seems like this could be any event not just a "rave" as it doesn't seem justified at all to resort to such extreme force... If this starts to happen at protest rallies or somewhere else (I saw people on freaking out about Buring Man) what will the result be?

here is a version with sound:

This is a great case of state terrorism... as there seems to be little reason to dress up in body armor with automatic rifles to deal with ravers... clearly the intent was to terrify and intimidate.


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