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posted : 2005.Oct.27 @ 11.29pm

52. an old man picking bogberries. well to be precise they are of the cranberry family but they aren't the ones that grow down in Massachusettes. Ocean spray has got nothing on these lovelies

53. a busted ship near Port-aux-Basque. Heres a little history lesson. The name Basque was given to the french whalers who thinned out the marine mammal population. It was a HUGE industry for Newfoundland. everyone who was anyone was using whale blubbler. From candles to lamp oil to cosmetics, the fat was rendered into oil and used for everything before the popularity of black gold came about. here's a little aside. While i was riding with Ed we stopped at a chip stand for some fries. An old man there asked me if i saw the Potheads out in the harbour. He inevitably repeated himself when i looked at him dumbfounded. "Potheads bye, Potheads. you know whales?" but back to the topic. The boat in this picture is probably not a killing vessel. Those were small ships powered by oars. this one was most probably used for shipping goods. but i don't proffess to know much of the nautical world as i am a land lubber. geez i do drone on. don't i. here's the picture.

i think thats it. I have a bunch more photos. but 53 sure is alot to get through. and i'm sure people don't want to see a picture of me kissing the trail goodbye...

thanks for viewing.

oh and phong. I am working on making a website which will house the story with pictures imbedded in the text. hopefully upon its completion i will be able to host it from but i've got to finish it before my brother & i can spend the money on getting the right internet connection. I must say this html stuff is a bit over my melon. well i understand it. but remebering to close tags is tuff for this non-details-oriented time traveller. I should just opt for the no brainer and use a composer or something. but to quote a good friend and patron Jim Novak "Focus aaron, Focus."

posted : 2007.May.15 @ 2.36pm
Fantastic prelude to the hike I am embarking on tomorrow in New Hampshire
which is but for a week, but hey right on? Right on.
that sunset on page two is freakin awesome by the way.
And the people contact you
relate is soul-baringly truthful...keep on walkin.
Thank you


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