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posted : 2005.Sep.22 @ 10.03pm
I loved the story! Very compelling read that kept me planted for the better part of a night reading, laughing and enjoying about your travels.

Reading over your adventures really made me want to try something of that sort. While I'd love to take off and hike across assorted parts of Canada, I don't know if I could. I'm too tied down here with good and bad happenings. I would still love to read any upcoming adventures of yours! And who knows? Maybe some day I could tag along! It sounds like very good fun!

Now, its time for you to answer some questions Very Happy
> Questions for the Valiant Voyaging Veldstra

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 9.01am




5. this was across the street from where i slept on the first night. Its a geology musem. its also the place where i first discovered the best blueberries on the planet. The lawn was littered with bushes. I ate about 3 pints that morning.

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 9.08am

7. The furthest east i've ever been in Canada. signal hill.

8. somewhere near Conception Bay

9. Ed and his clever invention. He sticks that little piece of copper pipe over the throttle trigger. It saves his thumb from the agony of holding the spring loaded lever on extented trips.

10. close to Come by Chance

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 9.13am

12. i slept in that broke down palace

13. this guy let me take his picture for 2 bucks


15. the female of the species is more deadlier than the male.

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 9.20am

17. somewhere near Gander.

18. St. John's at night. (view from the sleeping bag)

19. St. John's early morning.

20. Newfie security system

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 9.32am
21. the kids of greenwood. The dude in the red gave me a white knuckle ride on his quad. They happen to be standing infront of the defunct train station.


23. possibly the best graffitti i have ever seen.

24. this was sitting in front of someone's cabin in Millertown Junction.


posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 9.32am
great pics, thanks for sharing.
19 is georgeuous- where is that?
also 20 is hilarious. what's the idea behind the foot-stabbing technique?

it would also be great to see them mixed in with the story on the previous page.

I moved the pictures into the /content/2005/newfoundland folder
and modified the pic URLs. on the previous posts.
you're lickedy quick.

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 9.44am
that was pretty nifty, moving around that stuff when i wasn't lookin.

19. is a picture of St. John's from the top of signal hill. Signal hill is the site of the very first trans-atlantic message. it's a large hill that guards the harbour. I slept in that very view point.

20. I originally thought that the welcome mat was a newfie security system to keep out crooked humans. Its not at all intended for humans though. its intended to keep out bears. I saw another variation on this, it involved fish hooks nailed to the walls.

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 1.41pm
these two kids took me on a tour of Grand Falls Windsor. The taller one kept telling me i was nutz.



28. Main Topsail Mountain

29. Mizzen Topsail Mountain

30. The two guys in this picture we the one harrassing me for being an outsider. I took the picture once they warmed up to me a bit. Kim, the bartender, was dragged into the picture. They wanted there to be a pretty girl in the picture with them.

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 1.51pm
31. Deer lake and Dynasty

32. This dude stopped next to me on the trail as i was rolling a number. He said "leaf will rot your brain. me i drink rum." I'm not sure what he meant by that. before we parted he gave me a handfull of change. I tried to refuse, but he was adamant i have a loaf of bread on him. I think i forgot to mention that in the story. Glad i took the picture of him.

33. Some more youth hanging outside a timmy ho-ho's in Corner Brook


35. just outside of curling

posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 2.04pm
36. The youngest person ever to give me a ride.

37. dam

38. Frank reviewing some government papers

39. Kieth. he donned the hat just for the picture.


posted : 2005.Oct.26 @ 2.16pm

vegetarians and people of weak stomachs may not wish to see these next photos. they are kinda nasty. If you feel you may be offended please scroll on past.


moose bits




that was really gross wasn't it? lets go back to other things



posted : 2005.Oct.27 @ 10.49pm
46. St. Fintan McNewf: patron saint of purrs. cats don't like sitting still when you want them to

47. not quite grotestque. but very much dead. Mr. McNewfs present. Thanks Buddy.

47. to be chronological this picture should be further up. but i already screwed up the order a couple of times. who likes linear paths anyway? jeez. its the train car i slept in out past millertown junction.

48. Doris & Bj. They invited me in for a newfie steak sandwich and a bucket of coffee. bless their souls. such beautiful people in that fine land.

49. first glimpse of the gulf.

50. damn beaver haters! hey aren't they a national animal of canada or something. I know that their pelts formed the canadian economy, during the Hudson's Bay Company hay days.


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