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posted : 2005.Aug.11 @ 6.31pm

in the beginning...

multi-lateral universe

the big bang


wormhole mandala


interdimensional map

more to evolve, peace - Z.

posted : 2005.Aug.11 @ 8.04pm
i especially like the m-theory one, because I was just reading some articles about it on Michio Kaku's site

posted : 2005.Sep.18 @ 5.44pm
Glad you like. It is one of the more crystalline manifestations of my visions.
I have read some of Kaku's work and it definitely stimulates cerebrally.
Brian Greene's"Elegant Universe" is another presentation of the
current direction in modern physics that makes it easier to get your head
around the complex subject matter.

posted : 2005.Sep.18 @ 6.09pm


on the event horizon of a language barrier

posted : 2005.Oct.01 @ 7.27pm


The following piece gains its visionary geometry from a 2001 painting by Kris Davidson
titled "illuminating threads of navigational evolution". This "remix" was posted with Kris's consent.
I envision this image as well as a few of the others posted on this page as animated works one day.
Either that or even projected as a "moving" wallpaper.

pondering synapse and relativity

When a thought pings in our head, from where does it originate?
How many other minds are pinged with the same thought simultaneously.
How many are tuned to a similar frequency as to "hear" that thought? - Z.

posted : 2005.Oct.12 @ 7.40pm
another paragraphic from the evolution...

eye is for infinite

posted : 2005.Nov.21 @ 6.41pm
just another day in the metaverse

later that night

posted : 2005.Nov.26 @ 11.08pm
Thanks to some tips and tricks I picked up here on the pod I was able to come up with this piece.
Air, you did warn that I should bulk up on RAM before attempting this. The PSD approached 1 gig
file size at one point. I had a couple of smoke breaks while it was crunching. I would like to know
on what size page and at what res does anyone paint? I have been told that a 15" x 15" at 300 ppi
can be enlarged respectably to wall size when printing. I start at about that and find myself
increasing the canvas size as I go just to see the whole image as it grows beyond the edges.
Later on in the process I crop a composite from the assemblage and reduce its size and work from
that. I lack any practical/professional experience at this stuff and wondered if "winging it" is sort of
a standard operating procedure. - Z.


posted : 2005.Nov.27 @ 2.22am
indeed, winging it is generally the operating procedure.

these peices are great as one body.
this is a fantastic thread-
I can see the vision coming into focus.

it is in my inner most heart
which we share.

many more blessings to your flow.

prayer Frog Buddha

posted : 2005.Nov.29 @ 5.23pm
Phong - Thanks for the reply and your positive energy! - Z.

Having some fun with this one. Forget anything iPod, give me one of these...

unlimited time offer

"...Z-Technologies is planning a January 2006 release date for the latest version of its galactic
positioning system. The X4d boasts its new "phase jump technology" which allows "apparent"
faster than the speed of light travel. "Getting to your destination in no time isn't enough anymore."
says company spokesperson Ward Beasley. "Our new system enables the user to virtually arrive
at his or her destination before they ever set sail - so to speak. It's great for those days when you
are running late, or want to sneak a quick trip out of the office without anyone noticing..." "

posted : 2005.Dec.03 @ 1.04pm

posted : 2005.Dec.04 @ 12.39pm
wow this is amazing

the subtle colors are reminiscent of the renaissance. very beautiful textures too!

posted : 2005.Dec.10 @ 7.54pm
thanks becky, I've been working at enriching my sketches to enhance their depth and dimensionality.

ripples in the continuum


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